Women in Medan Daring to Cut 4 Fingers for Insurance Claims

He engineered to be a victim of scam.

People of Medan City were shocked by a sadistic case against Erdina Boru Sihombing, 54, on Jalan AR Hakim, Medan, North Sumatra. In that case, Erdina was said to be the victim of a broken finger because she was cut by a group of robbers.After being investigated, it turns out that the incident was merely fabricated. This middle-aged woman is determined to cut her own four fingers to break up in order to get insurance money to cover her debts. Erdiana has now been named a suspect of a false report.”When investigating, the incident (begal) never happened, and today we determined that the suspect was the reporter, ES (Erdina boru Sihombing),” said North Sumatra Regional Police Chief Inspector General Pol Gen.

Martuani Sormin, while presenting the case at the North Sumatra Map, quoted from Merdeka.com, Saturday May 16 2020.According to the news, Erdiana admitted being hindered when she was going to shop for chili at the MMTC Market. The resident of Jalan AR Hakim Gang Rahayu claimed that his bag containing Rp4 million in cash and a cellphone was confiscated by two men riding motorbikes around the railroad tracks, before the Jalan Wahidin intersection on May 1, 2020.When trying to defend his bag, the perpetrator cut his hand with a sharp weapon so that 4 fingers broken.

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Police Not Find Evidence

For two weeks, Erdiana’s report was investigated by the police. All evidence was collected from around the scene.Eyewitnesses were questioned. CCTV in the area was examined. IT devices are also used to look for bright spots. But none of them showed that the action had happened there.The team then conducts further investigation, what actually happened. Officers in the field finally found the irregularities of the report.

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Women in Medan
Women in Medan Daring to Cut 4 Fingers for Insurance Claims

Desperate To Pay Debt

Investigators were finally able to prove that Erdiana lied and made a false report. The motive is economic pressure and being in debt, this woman wants insurance claims.”So the real incident was that Ms. Erdina Sihombing cut her own finger with a machete to convince investigators that she was indeed robbed,” said Martuani.

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Defined as a suspect

Erdiana has been named as a suspect. While the two colleagues who took the suspect to the hospital and made a report were still witnesses.”This is the first case in the North Sumatra Regional Police. I am grateful investigators cannot be deceived,” concluded Martuani.

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