Door Banged, This Woman Shocked the Mayor of Inter-Rice and Noodles

This food is a help from the Bengkulu City Government.

How happy Marlini’s heart when someone knocked on the door. One of the residents of RT 1, Pasar Baru Village, Bengkulu City, Bengkulu, was surprised to see the Mayor of Bengkulu, Helmi Hasan, and Deputy Mayor, Dedy Wahyudi, already at the door. Head of RT 1 who knocked on the door immediately explained that today was the schedule for the distribution of the first phase of the nine-basic necessities from the Bengkulu City Government. The look on Marlini’s face became more happy because the person who came to deliver rice to her house was the direct mayor.
. This assistance is not the last. This is only the first stage of the 5 kg rice first, “Helmi said,  Sunday 19 April 2020.There is the next stage of assistance, namely 15 Kilogram and 20 Kilogram rice.

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Rice and noodles were immediately received by Marlini with a happy feeling. Especially at this time, the economy is difficult because of the corona pandemic.“Thank you, Mr. Mayor, we really need this. Especially now. With this assistance we are very grateful and many thanks, “he said.He claimed to be very happy and proud to have a leader like Helmi Hasan who was considered very concerned with the entire community.

Really we are very happy. The mayor has been very concerned about the people, especially small people like me. We have felt that. We hope that the mayor later becomes the governor of Bengkulu, “he said.

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Door Banged, 2020
Door Banged, 2020 This Woman Shocked the Mayor of Inter-Rice and Noodles

Distribution of groceries in the four districts in the first stage

On that occasion Helmi launched directly the distribution of rice and instant noodles to all the people of Bengkulu City who were affected by Covid-19. For this first stage, the distribution of groceries was carried out in 4 districts namely Teluk Segara District, Muara Bangkahulu, Kampung Melayu and Sungai Serut.He said whoever was human in Bengkulu City, while he wanted to take direction from the government to stay at home, he was entitled to the food.

Those who want to take part in the direction of the government at home alone will be distributed the most delicious rice and instant noodles in the world. Today we all share door to door. The undivided that have not been recorded, don’t worry, it will be shared as well. Even though they are not city residents and do not yet have a KK, while participating in the direction of the government they will be distributed, “he said.

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