Wife Unable to Pay Patient Registration Costs Rp977, Men Died in the Hospital Field

Nobody cares.

A man in the Guna District, Madhya Pradesh, India, Sujil Rajak, died under a tree in the court of a government hospital. He did not get medical help for 12 hours.Quoted from the Times of India , not a single officer from the hospital was willing to provide medical assistance to the man. The cause is trivial, namely the man’s wife does not have money for the cost of patient registration which is only 5 rupees, equivalent to Rp977.The woman had tried to ask for help both to the hospital and to people passing by. However, no one wants to help.This case angered former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Kamal Nath. He also criticized the government for this humanity case.”This is not about how I left the country,” Nath said.

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Nath could not understand how ignorant people were towards the poor.

Even providing assistance is not just a value no one wants.”You are too busy with MLA auctions but a woman in Guna, carrying a toddler, begs all day to save her husband’s life,” he chirped.”He was not treated because he did not have 5 rupees to buy a parcha (patient registration ticket). He was jerked to death in front of his wife. Is this the condition of the country under Shivraj’s government?” he continued.The Guna government immediately launched an investigation regarding this case.Local media reports said the woman did not have 5 rupees to buy “parcha”. However, surgeon SK Shrivastav, said the man got a free consultation ticket from a government hospital.

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Wife Unable to Pay Patient
Wife Unable to Pay Patient Registration Costs Rp977, Men Died in the Hospital Field

Meanwhile, Sunil’s wife, Aarti, claimed to have been told to pay.

For a patient registration ticket. He was asked to return to the hospital the next morning while carrying cash.Aarti said her husband felt sick last Wednesday. He also took Sunil to the Guna district hospital.Once there, Aarti left her husband under a tree. She then tried to take care of administrative requirements so that her husband could get medical treatment at the hospital.

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“When I went to the hospital and someone outside the window said I had to bring money for ‘parcha’,” the woman said.He then tried to tell the husbands that they were still breathing and could be saved. But no one wants to help.”Even when he died, I still had to wait for an hour before people gathered and gave help,” he said.

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