When is Corona Vaccine Available? Here’s the explanation

Lots of confusing information regarding the availability of corona vaccines. Here’s the explanation.

After the Covid-19 corona virus was declared a pandemic by the WHO World Health Organization, many scientists sought research to make the Covid-19 corona virus vaccine.

Then when will the vaccine be available?

According to scientists such as British science advisor Sir Patrick Vallance and his colleague from the United States, Anthony Fauci, they repeatedly said the corona vaccine will not be available until 12-18 months.But several other parties expressed different things. Those who are also racing against time to make the vaccine say the fastest is June.Then how exactly is the explanation?

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Possible availability of vaccines

Possibility depends on what we mean by” vaccines already in place, “said Marian Wentworth, President CEO of Science Management for Health, a non-governmental organization based in Massachusetts, which is working to create a robust health system as well as observers making vaccine.”If what we mean is that can make us all safe then 12 to 18 months might be right.”

Quoted from the page of The Guardian , Wednesday 15 April 2020, in the context of vaccines the results of safe and quite effective trials, which are available in limited quantities.For example for vulnerable groups such as medical workers, the vaccine can be available in a matter of weeks or months.This is in accordance with emergency rules made by policy makers about drugs and WHO as in the context of the Ebola epidemic in Africa.

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There Are Three Stages of Vaccine Clinical Trials

Scientists from Oxford University at the Guardian had revealed, there are a number of vaccine candidates that will be available in the summer. However, the possibility in question is the result of a limited trial vaccine.Oxford research group led by Sarah Gilbert said, vaccines that have been effective up to 3 phases of clinical trials cannot be mass produced before the fall. Although in the best scenario everything is smooth. And that scenario can change.

Corona Vaccine
When is Corona Vaccine Available? Here’s the explanation

Normally, a vaccine is made in a laboratory before it is tested on animals. If the vaccine is proven safe and triggers a good immune response in this pre-clinical trial stage then clinical trials will be carried out to humans.This stage is divided into three parts. The first phase ensures that this vaccine is safe for a small group of healthy people with the aim of minimizing side effects.The second and third phases are the efficacy test. In a pandemic such as now this stage is carried out in an exposed location.Along with this next stage is that mass production can begin so that factories can make large quantities and the policy-making body decides that this vaccine must be licensed.

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Long Process of Clinical Trials

In an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine on March 30, representatives from the Oslo-based Innovation Coalition for Epidemic Readiness (CEPI) who co-funded and assisted in making the covid-19 vaccine, revealed a faster version of the entire process to facing a pandemic.This pandemic paradigm requires that a number of stages be carried out from clinical trials to animals to humans. Then create a production capacity before there is a guarantee of safety and efficacy data. A step that is financially risky.

Mass production is very important during a pandemic, when hundreds of millions or even billions of doses are needed and now many countries are trying to build vaccine manufacturing facilities.”People today understand the long process that is still conventional. Licensing a vaccine will not help in the context of a pandemic,” said Beate Kampmann, head of the vaccine center at the London School of Hygine and Tropical Medicine.

Even so CEPI did not create a time frame to speed up the whole process, but an estimate of 12-18 months has been set.Making a vaccine available could take 10-20 years in the past. Even so the paradigm of accelerating the process of making vaccines has now been done.

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There are Political Obstacles

Boston-based biotechnology company Moderna revealed that the trial of the Covid-19 vaccine entered the human testing phase on March 16, just 10 weeks after the genetic code series Sars-CoV-2, the name of the virus that caused Covid-19, was released.When a vaccine has been given a license there will still be problems of political barriers about where the vaccine will be used, because every country or health institution must decide.

In addition there will also be priority issues, who should be given first if the supply is limited.A vaccine that is approved a year from now is likely to only be available after the pandemic is over. But if so, it won’t be in vain.First, because covid-19 is likely to become a seasonal disease.Second, there is a chance that this vaccine can be used as a medicine for a different corona virus pandemic if that happens.

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