Waking up from a coma, this woman suddenly speaks a foreign language

Clayton spoke fluent Birmingham-accented English immediately after he had an accident and was in a coma for a while.

In an increasingly advanced era, mastery of foreign languages ​​is one of the important points to adjust to the times. Foreign language is considered as one of the basic communication skills that can bridge various business activities, to international affairs. Many people have flocked to learn various foreign languages ​​in order to get a job to make communication between countries easier.

But what happens if foreign language skills are acquired suddenly without learning them? Yes, the incident really happened to Deana-Rae Clayton, a 33 year old woman from Montego Bay. Miraculously, Clayton immediately spoke fluent Birmingham accent English after he had an accident and fell into a coma for a while. Whereas before, Clayton always spoke with a typical ‘Jamaican’ accent since childhood. I don’t know where his language skills came from, Clayton had never even been to England before.

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Terrible Accident

Previously, Clayton had a car accident with a friend after returning from a party in the middle of the night. The accident caused his friend Christopher to die instantly, while he was seriously injured into a coma. When Clayton woke up from his coma, he immediately spoke in a very fluent English accent.

“I thought I would speak Jamaican, but when I speak I sound like English,” Clayton’s story was launched from the Mirror. Clayton said he needed time to get used to his new accent. He is even comfortable now and everyone around him says he is very suitable to speak with an English accent.

Waking up from
Waking up from a coma, this woman suddenly speaks a foreign language

Apart from acquiring sudden foreign language skills, Clayton who was once left-handed can even write with his right hand. “Before the accident I was left-handed. I can now write using my left or right hand,” added Clayton.

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Recovery period

According to Clayton’s doctors, they had never seen a similar case for years. In fact, Clayton was the only person in Jamaica with foreign accent syndrome. “My life has really changed forever. I had to learn to walk again for a long time, “said the 33-year-old woman. Clayton may take two more years to fully recover. However, for the left thighbone that had an accident, it took even longer.

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Offered Therapy

Clayton’s doctors also offered speech therapy so he could return to speaking Jamaican, but he felt comfortable with his ‘new’ abilities. “I wanted to keep my ‘new’ accent because family and friends said it suited my personality very well,” he explained. Due to his ‘miraculous’ condition, Clayton now has to regularly undergo MRI tests every three months.

“I have an MRI test every three months to make sure the swelling in the brain doesn’t get worse. Neuroscientists even say I won’t lose this British accent,” he said.

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