Viral Video: PSSI Chairperson Comes to Employers’ Home During Covid-19 Test

A surprising fact, apparently the test can be done independently.

Covid-19 Test is awaited by many parties. There are two groups that will be preceded to do this rapid test, which according to President Jokowi will be prioritized for medical people who are exposed to multiple exposure from and those who have close contact with positive patients of Covid-19.A surprising fact, apparently the test can be done independently. Viral video shows Chairman of the All Indonesia Football Association (PSSI) Commissioner General Mochamad Iriawan seen visiting the residence of Jerry Hermawan Lo, a businessman and automotive activist.

In the 01.31 minute recording, the man who is familiarly called Iwan Bule was wearing a police service attire. While the owner of the house, Jerry Hermawan Lo wearing a blue shirt with gray pants. Both cover their mouths with masks.When entering the yard of the house, both were sprayed with disinfectant.They then headed to one of the rooms. In the yard of the house was parked by a black plate health service bus vehicle.It is not known which agency owns the vehicle. But the person behind the recording said the vehicle belonged, “the Health Service Office.

In the video Jerry Hermawan Lo provides information that his extended family is undergoing medical tests related to the Corona or Covid-19 virus.“This is another corona examination test for the whole JHL family. The truth of our brother Mr. Iwan stopped by for control. This is a doctor complete with his rotgen car. These are all heart checked, draw blood to check Corona,” Hermawan said as quoted by from the video, Wednesday March 25 2020.

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Explanation of Komjen Iriawan

Iriawan confirmed that he visited Jerry Lo’s residence on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. He came to fulfill the invitation.”Yesterday it was true that I came to Mr. Jerry’s house to fulfill his invitation. He witnessed the process of checking the health of his extended family and all of his household employees (drivers, household assistants, etc.). who is conducting co-19 test at home using a mobile medical clinic from Royal Progres Hospital, including checking blood and family rongent, “said Iriawan in a written statement on.

According to Iriawan, Jerry Lo held the Corona test to find out who his family or employees were exposed to Corona.”The intent and purpose of the family is to carry out tests so that it is clear whether there are families, drivers, security guards, household assistants and employees who are exposed to the Covid 19 virus. The person concerned called doctors from the hospital because co-19 tests on the market were not obtained,” said Iriawan.

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Jerry’s explanation

Meanwhile, in a separate statement, Jerry said, he invited Iriawan to see a test conducted by a team of doctors from the Royal Progress Sunter Hospital.”The arrival of PSSI Chairman Muhammad Iriawan in the video was because he was contacted by JHL. He also offered PSSI to do the same test as he did,” Jerry said in a written statement, Wednesday, March 25, 2020.Jerry said, a medical examination was conducted at his residence on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. The medical test used a mobile medical clinic from the Royal Progres hospital with its address at Danau Sunter Utara Paradise 1 North Jakarta.”It is not true that the medical test was the result of assistance from the government,” he said.

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Viral Video PSSI Chairperson Comes
Viral Video: PSSI Chairperson Comes to Employers’ Home During Covid-19 Test

2 This group will be prioritized for Corona Rapid Test

The government sets two groups that are prioritized for the Corona Rapid Test (Covid-19). These are people who have close contact with patients and health workers (Nakes).Government Spokesperson for Covid-19, dr. Achmad Yurianto gave an example that people who have contact with positive patients are families who are at home with patients. This group can also include people who work in the same office with patients.Meanwhile, the Rapid Test for Nakes is also prioritized given that they are people who are in close contact with patients.

Achmad explained that the Rapid Test is not a direct examination of the Covid-19 virus, but rather is carried out by using an antibody, bacterial or viral destruction method in the body.”The Rapid Test method is actually used to screen for positive cases in the community. Therefore, what was examined in this Rapid Test is the antibodies that are in the blood, so the specimens taken are blood, “said Dr. Achmad through a statement from the Ministry of Health, Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

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How the Rapid Test Works

The Rapid Test takes 6-7 days for antibodies to form for blood tests. The results can be positive so the patient is believed to be infected with Covid-19. If the results show negative twice, the patient is believed to be uninfected but very susceptible to infection.”Even though the results of the first examination are negative, we will still ask patients to keep their distance from other people so there is no transmission process. This is important and must be carried out together. The positive results will be followed up with antigen testing through swab examination and then PCR, “said Yurianto. (mut)

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Rapid Test Begins: from the Most Prone Area of ​​Corona, South Jakarta

Government starts conducting corona rapid tests or Covid-19. This rapid test is carried out first in the most vulnerable areas.”Rapid tests have indeed been carried out this afternoon in an area that had been known to have contact tracking from positive patients with Covid-19,” said President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) at the State Palace, Jakarta, Friday, March 20, 2020.

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