Vice President Asks for Halal Certification of Covid-19 Vaccines to Be Issued Soon

He wants the halal certificate to be issued before the vaccine is ready for distribution.

The Vice President, Ma’ruf Amin, asked for the halal certification for the Covid-19 vaccine to be issued soon. So, the vaccine is certified before it is ready to be distributed. “I ask, as requested by the President, to be faster because the situation is indeed very urgent,” said Ma’ruf, quoted from

Ma’ruf asked the parties involved in issuing halal certification, such as LPPOM MUI, MI Fatwa Commission, and Ministry of Religion BPJPH to be proactive and coordinate with each other. That way, halal certification can be issued before the vaccine is distributed. For this vaccine, don’t wait, you have to pick up the ball,” he said.

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Ma’ruf assessed that halal certification is very important so that there is no rejection in the community during the vaccination process. As much as possible vaccinations do not contain problems. “This should not be a problem. Don’t happen like the Measles Rubella (MR) vaccine, which then the target is not achieved,” said Ma’ruf.

Furthermore, Ma’ruf said foreign-made vaccines must also be ensured halal. Do not let it have been ordered in large quantities it turns out that the halal issues are problematic. The key is vaccines. And vaccines must be backed up by a halal certificate,” said Ma’ruf.

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Vice President Asks for Halal Certification
Vice President Asks for Halal Certification of Covid-19 Vaccines to Be Issued Soon

WHO Response to Reports of Covid-19 Patients Recovering in Hong Kong Contracting Again

The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasizes the importance of documenting and confirming new findings about Covid-19. This is in response to the findings of Hong Kong scientists regarding the presence of positive patients with Covid-19 who have recovered but are re-infected.

WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris, speaking to reporters in Geneva, Switzerland, said it was possible that reports of re-infection occurred due to differences in testing. He noted the first confirmed case of Covid-19 reinfection of more than 23 million cases.

If these cases occur more frequently, there should be more reinfection occurring. According to Harris, this case is significant because it relates to immunity to viruses. “This is why we have lots of research groups that are really tracking people who are infected, measuring antibodies, trying to understand how long that immune protection can last,” Harris said.

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He continued the public must understand that natural immune protection after being infected with a virus is not the same as immunity due to vaccines. Previously, WHO epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove said there was no need to draw any conclusions regarding the scientific reports from the Hong Kong Covid-19 research team. Cases of people infected with Covid-19 recovered and were discharged from the hospital then tested positive again when they were reported to have appeared in mainland China.

But in these cases, it is not clear whether they contracted the virus again after a full recovery, as was the case in Hong Kong. Or there is still a virus in their body from the initial infection.

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