Upset Fined Rp. 19 thousand Not Wearing Masks, Police Officers Disconnect Electricity Officers

Not only fines, the two electric officers were hit by company sanctions and threatened by police reporting.

Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has required everyone to wear a mask when in public to prevent transmission of the virus. Some countries have even implemented a system of fines for those who are found to be violating rules about the use of masks. But unfortunately there are still many people who do not heed this rule. As a result, the police must intervene to give a fine for the offenders. No exception to the electrical technicians in India. Hilariously, two electric technicians in India are determined to cut off electricity in a police station because they did not accept being sentenced to fines for not wearing a mask

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Upset Fined Rp
Upset Fined Rp. 19 thousand Not Wearing Masks, Police Officers Disconnect Electricity Officers

Netted Raid Mask

The incident began when Mahavir Singh and Surendra Singh, who were electricians in the Rudraprayag region of India, were found not wearing masks while working. Apesnya, they crossed the police officers who were conducting checks in the application of health protocols related to Covid-19. At that time one of the Kowali police officers stopped Mahavir and Surendra from driving without wearing masks. When dismissed, the two introduced themselves as electrical technicians from the Bellani Rudraprayag power distribution office. But the reason was ignored by the police. Both are still fined 100 rupees each or around Rp. 19 thousand.

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Disconnecting Electricity to the Police Station

Mahavir agreed to pay the fine, but apparently Surendra was not willing to pay the fine. He considered the police were doing unfair to him. The two were then involved in a fight, until finally they planned something to vent their frustration at the police.

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