Universities in Dubai Give Special Scholarships for Ramadan

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During the month of Ramadan, there are unique things done by a university in Dubai. On Monday 20 April 2020, Heriot-Watt University in Dubai announced the launch of a new scholarship scheme, which will run only during the holy month of Ramadan.Heriot-Watt University Dubai (HWUD) offers special scholarships of 8,000 dirhams or around Rp 33 million to Dubai students to receive a reduction in fees.Head of Student Marketing and Recruitment at Dubai’s Heriot-Watt University campus,

Universities in Dubai 2020
Universities in Dubai 2020 Give Special Scholarships for Ramadan

Claire Roper-Browning, said Ramadan was a time of spiritual reflection and self-improvement.Therefore, the HWUD Community Awards are a way for the campus to support those in need during Ramadan.The HWUD campus party also hopes that the scholarship will help students build their future.The HWUD Community Award will be given to every student (foundation, undergraduate, or postgraduate) who applies and pays the tuition fee payment within the specified deadline on June 1, 2020.

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There are Scholarship Conditions

To take advantage of discounts, students on campus must register and pay 10 percent of their tuition fees as a non-refundable down payment. The amount is in accordance with the cost of their education.Students based in the United Arab Emirates must also provide post-date checks needed for their school fees.This assistance applies to students who have received an unconditional offer letter or conditional offer letter from Heriot-Watt University.

Students who have received a Conditional Offer Letter must provide the remaining documents to proceed by receiving an Unconditional Offer Letter before the start of the academic year.Heriot-Watt University Dubai Undergraduate students who complete their degree in January 2020 are also entitled to apply for this discount, when applying for the postgraduate program.

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