Why did this happen? Will this happen in the future like Kissanime?

Although there is no official reason given to us at the moment except that there were some issues with the video host, we believe that Kissanime was one of the latest targets of the big movie companies that would do anything to tear down such websites. streaming in the name of strong anti-piracy eg WarnerBros and fox etc. of the XXI century. Although these streaming websites do not let us download any material as such, they watch all the free shows, and that is a lot of wasted money for these big companies.

In fact, it’s one more website called the movietube that has all sorts of demands slapped on it and is struggling to keep its domain name alive right now. However, Kissanime message seems quite forward in this situation. It should come back very quickly once they find a new trustworthy host to get their video content back online. I’m sure once they find another hosting service it should be backed up and working within a month or less.

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