What is Kissanime?

Before going into definitions of Kissanime I would like to remind and share with younger readers that until a couple of decades ago, people who liked anime had to be subject to the whims of importing companies, get along with the friend they were illegally getting the VHS or Beta video cassette with the coveted film, serious or OVA. Years later things got better, but you had to “squeeze” the last drop of bandwidth available only to download snippets of our favorite series or movies, or leave downloading for whole nights and pray that no one spoke on the phone.

Fortunately , video streaming services have come to change all that. Kissanime is a global pay-per-view video streaming service for Japanese anime, although it also contains Chinese and Korean anime. It is a platform that transmits legal and licensed anime to different countries throughout America. The highlight of the platform is its rapid broadcast of episodes just an hour after its broadcast in Japan.

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