What is India?

How to entirely empty your bowels every morning (revealed).

World renowned cardiologist explains how with at home trick.

A corrupt nation, a place where a minister spent a huge chunk of 550 crores to get her daughter married and that too 8 days after the demonetisation, while on the other hand people were struggling to get money for their daily needs and there were also hundreds of senior citizens standing in front of the ATMs and banks. And this minister belongs to the same party to which our beloved PM belongs to. And he got away with that very easily.

A country where the MLAs and MPs produce fake certificates and can get away with it so easily, last year an MLA from Andhra was caught red-handed by a news reporter for faking his degree, did they remove him? NO

A country where PM calls himself Pradhan Sevak and people’s vehicles are blocked for his movement, not just the PM, but even small ministers and local leaders who just don’t need any convoys use it just to showcase their status symbol.

A country where the law enforcement officers are used to protect the fradulent politicians some see it as a status and use them a way beyond their limit.

A country where an IPS and IAS officer is transferred for doing something right, the prime example being an IAS officer from Haryana.

A country where there are schemes to protect cows, and killing of cows is illegal and you might get stoned to death, but can get away by raping a girl.

A country in which your caste defines your economic situation but not tour pay check, a lot of young creative minds are being killed in the name of reservation.

A country where the educated bureaucrats need to work under the pressure of uneducated and unethical ministers.

A country which emphasizes on freedom of speech, yet could not bear the harsh reality and had to mute a scene from the Tamil movie.

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