What is HCL BSERV exactly?

HCL bserv is the short term for HCL business service. HCl started its business in outsourcing from 2001 and named all its bpo activities into HCL bserv . It’s the part of its parental company HCl technologies. It’s entirely does customer service outsourcing business from USA , UK and Australia. I am one of the employee working there for APRIA healthcare, an American medical supplier company.

Should I join HCL BSERV?

I joined HCl as a fresher, I was willing to work on VLSI but after 10 days Of SQL training (for the name sake) they deployed me into a project without giving any location or technology preference at Chennai where I was given functional KT on Oracle based tool for few days and since HCL holds 90% of support projects only ,so as I was asked to start tool based support work. In the meantime I tried to get into another technology n project but they will not allow and even HR will also not help they will ask to get approval from Managers which you won’t get easily. Finally you will end up working in support project with very little technical knowledge and you will be asked to prepare documents and do useless non technical work.

However you will get sufficient time to study ,you can study n switch or can prepare for any government exams.

For Freshers who are willing to setup a career in IT I suggest NOT TO JOIN HCL or any other MNC’S better go for some startups or small level companies where you will get hell out of learning you may be paid less but it will definitely help in near future.

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