What is early engagement in Cognizant?

Early Engagement is a learning portal, where you can learn basic concepts of Java,Sql,Web develepoment..etc.Based on your performance in that you will be classified into two things. One is POS and another one is PSE.

POS or Potential Orbit Shifter – a person who has shown consistent self-learning ability, regularly working on all the EE activities (participating, scoring, winning) and who has hence shown the self-drive to craft their IT career path seriously

Benefits of POS:

As a EE Top Performer, you’ll be given the opportunity to be considered for the following:

– project in niche and trending tech
– very senior coaches for business, learning and communication
– will consider personal tech aspiration
– no training, no assessment
– just on the job learning, like apprenticeship
– exquisite regular connect with senior leaders
– direct visibility at top leadership level

It’s an opportunity, not guarantee. To clear this opportunity, you’ll have to prove you are a Top Performer when you join!

PSE or Potential Shift Enabler – a person who has shown moderate consistency in self-learning, working on EE activities and needs a bit of assistance or push to work on their IT career path

Benefits of PSE:
Post joining, PSEs will be given some assessment in their first week at Cognizant. In the past, it was either HackerEarth challenge, or Programming Fundamentals & SQL assessments. Clearing such assessments will enable a PSE to become Shift Enabler. Not clearing will retain you as PSE.

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