What is a literature survey in any project report?

Literature survey may also be known as a literature review.

This segment the existing and established theory and research in your report range. You are giving a context for your work.

This area can be used to indicate where you are filling an apparent hole in the current hypothesis or learning, or you are proposing something that conflicts with or is questionable to existing ideas.

You should precisely reference all sources said here and give a full reference in the Reference List.

There are some differences between literature survey and literature review:

Writing literature survey is something when you take a gander at a writing (productions) in a surface level , or an Ariel view. It incorporates the study of place people and productions is setting of research. It is phase where the analyst tries to know about what are all the literature related with one range of interest. Also, the relevant literature works are short-listed. Moreover, literature survey guides or helps the researcher to define/find out/identify a problem.
Whereas a literature review is going into the depth of the writing studied. It is a procedure of reconsidering, assessing or evaluating the short-recorded writing (literature overview phase). Review of literature gives a clearness and better understanding of the exploration/venture.

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