Localhost refused to connect. What should I do?

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Check to make sure the application interface, server, and services are running.

Sometimes the server is still running but the interface application is closed or the database is down.

If your application interface and server is up but a dependent service is down then restart your computer/server and restart services.

You could also run into this if you haven’t used the appropriate credentials. I believe with WordPress and Ghost, it says this.

Run a port scan on your computer and make sure the port is opened.

Disconnect your internet if you can then turn off your firewall. Check to see if your interface is working. If it does then it is the firewall and you need to add an exception.

Alright let’s say you did all that and everything comes back fine. It could be that the port is already in use and you don’t have port sharing. You can check and see which port is used by which application. If it is used by another application then save your work and close it. Not all servers support port sharing. If it does then you can turn it on.

There are ways to use active directory services with group policies to disallow specific activities. If that is the case, run your server as an administrator.

Alternatively, there is a way to use cron job or task scheduler to block it. If that is the case then you would have to suspend or terminate the service.

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