Is incest common in India and is it accepted?

I don’t know whether its common or not but the number of cases are increasing every year and many cases in india remains hidden because of fear of society because in India everyone consider sex is a taboo although every night they all humps their partner they consider it as a immoral topic and incest is the king of this immorality . In India its a sin to get in in a relationship with your blood relatives.. so to stay away from this sin we all keep this a secret . let me tell you about me ,

My father’s younger brother transferred to banaras for a new job and he left her wife there as she had a infant at that time. so he usually came to met his wife who once in month. She really felt very lonely and upset as she had no one to care for her and her child so seeing all that i started spending a lot of time with her . I started telling him about my whole day and she laughed at my every thing and whenever she feed her baby i didn’t enter in the room as it was not good to see her semi naked body then she too became Frank with me she started calling me while feeding her baby maybe she has gotten belief in me. Then one day she was sleeping her child and i entered in her room and i was just staring at her for that she asked “what you are watching” i replied “ haven’t u gotten bored like this” suddenly her face became sad and she murmured in slow voice nit only bored but …… i got understand and started changing the topic that whether she had any Bf in college because now were so frank to each other she replied no.

And the she asked me about my relationship status for which i replied” i don’t have gf but fuck buddies my aunt started staring at me and said “is it” i said yes and then i asked her how’s her sex life going on for which she replied hesitatingly that she hardly got sex for even once a month and she is lady of mid 30s which is really important for her. I waited for while and gathered my whole courage to ask that could i help her she stared at me for a 30 sec and i didn’t know from where i got the power that i kissed her lips for which she got turn on started doing liplocking so passionately and i got a huge errection as if something is pulling me towards her . She was in so speed that she didn’t undress herself or me but pulled my pants off and started giving me blowjob i didn’t know but i was not cumming and for that she said why don’t we try penetration then became a doggy and by mistake i did put my dick in wrong hole and she screamed a. Little bit but since her baby was sleeping she managed herself and asked me for pussy licking i was licking pussy and she was breathing in a very lusty manner she was feeling so blessed and at every instant was taking her husband name didn’t know why and when i put my penis in pussy she got a little teary eyes maybe tears of happiness and then we enjoyed our journey some on bed some on floor so that child couldn’t got disturb.. she was riding on me and for a moment we were in standing wall position.. and then she did cum earlier than me and gave me a perfect blowjob i did cum on her boobs and she hugged , kissed and she had teary eyes and she was thanking me to understand her from that day we regularly did sex 3 or 4 times in a week whenever we got chances and still when her family is in abroad whenever i get a chance to visit them then that journey becomes my lustful journey . We did incest sex in every possible way and at every possible place. She was one of the greatest sex partners i have done sex..

So yes incest are also happens in India but in a secret manner and they are the most pleasurable sex because in both cases you know each other better…

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