How do I earn money with the UC We-media Program?

UC we-media is good but not the best for those who really good writers and those who are hardworking guys, because UC we-media recently got so strict so the amount of money you will receive is very low, and also your content is getting views for more than 4-5 days after you publish. and then you don’t get any views on your old articles there is biggest lost for any writers, and also you don’t put any links on that.

Why Starting a blog is a good idea?

Starting a blog means you are the boss and you can write what you want, you can publish the articles as many as you can, you can put the links(affiliate links) to earn some commission, and also monetize with Google Adsense and earn money. there are so many peoples who earn lacs of money by just blogging, you can google it.

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