How do I download videos from hotstar?

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Are you a great fan of Indian series and movies? If yes, then you should turn your direction towards Hotstar and watch whatever you want to.

Hotstar is India’s largest platform to watch premium entertainment stuff. It has a watch time of a hundred thousand hours. Hotstar not only streams movies and series but also other content like sports, entertainment shows, talk shows, and some other stuff.

Hotstar does not allow you to download videos legally. But, with every problem, there comes a solution. If you’re unable to download content the legal way, you should try it from some other ways.

1. Watch Offline

Like other main streaming services, Amazon Prime & Netflix, Hotstar allows you to download its content too, to watch it offline in your spare time or should I say time without internet? Or both?

But the problem with this feature is that it does not apply to all the videos available on the streaming service. I know that’s disappointing.

But, don’t worry! I am here to solve your problem with some other best solutions.

How To Download From The Hotstar app?

It is quite obvious if you’re here you must have the Hotstar app downloaded. If not then do it right now. What are you waiting for?

Connect to a Wi-Fi or mobile data having great speed.
Download the app. log in/sign up.
Go to search and put keywords of your favorite thing to watch.
Click on that. Now you’ll see its description and three other options of download, share & add to watchlist.
Tap on the download icon and some options will pop up.
Select the quality of the video you want. and you’re done with your part. close the app.
When your video will be downloaded, it will show you a notification of that.
Want to know about more downloader app? Check out the latest posts I’m pretty confident you’ll get it super helpful.

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