How do I download a PUBG PC for free with a license key? Is that possible?

No it’s not possible to buy genuine PUBG PC for free.

And the fact is that you cannot even download PUBG PC pirated…

Let me explain…

PC Games which we can play offline…then that game only we can download pirated..

Explanation – In offline pc games…there is a file or you can say protection of license which can be removed..

Let me give you a example to explain this more easily…suppose you want to go to a club but the security guard of that club stops you outside and he say for whatsoever reason that you are not allowed to go inside the club…but what happens if someone remove the security guard and all the security things which stops you going inside the club….then you can go in easily…

This is what happens with the pirated video games…

But the games which are online.. means which can only be playable in online mode..their protection of license can be also remove but then it will not be playable anymore.. because you have to play that game online..but if the license of the game is not available then they will detect it and stops the games cut your connection with that game server and you cannot play it anymore.

Let me give you a example for this…suppose if you remove the security guard and yeah all that stuff which stops you going inside the club…and the reason which lead the security guard to stop you is your body you are 110 kg but the club criteria is that people less than 100 kg are only allowed to enter in the for now you removed security guard…but as the time you enter in the club…then the floor of the club be like it cannot hold weight more than 100 kg and as you step onto the floor of the breaks down..and you are…🤯🤯

This is what happens with online games..

So yeah you cannot download PUBG PC for free..

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