After Mataf is Opened, This is the Touching View of the Kaaba

After being temporarily closed, the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz, decided to reopen the area of ​​the tawaf (Mataf) in the Kaaba. Since it opened, activities in the Kaaba began to beat.Quoted from the Haramain Facebook account , Sunday, March 8, 2020, the congregation looks orderly obey the rules there. They did not pass the guardrails which were deliberately installed around the Kaaba.This fence was deliberately installed so that no one would cross the Kaaba for a while. The goal is that no one touches the Kaaba.For your information, it has become a custom for pilgrims to kiss the stone of the Black Stone at the Kaaba. This closure aims to prevent the corona virus from being transmitted through the touch of a hand.

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Consul Hajj Indonesian Consulate Tepis Kabar Umroh Stop One Year

Dream – Consul Hajj of the Consulate General in Jeddah, Endang Jumali clarified the news of the postponement of the pilgrimage issued by Saudi Arabia throughout 2020. Endang said that until now he had not received official information regarding this matter.Even so, Endang has coordinated with Saudi Umrah Travel Director Abdurrahman Al Segaf and confirmed, the news was not true.He said that the information about the one-year closure of Umrah in 2020 was not true, “Endang said, reported by the Ministry of Religion, Thursday, March 5, 2020.”Likewise related to the implementation of the pilgrimage this year.

Preparations continue. Until now there has been no decision related to the cancellation of the pilgrimage from Saudi, “he said.Hajj Technical Staff Assistant (STH) I KUH KJRI Jeddah Amin Handoyo revealed the same thing.He claimed to have made confirmation to the Saudi Arabian Hajj and Umrah.”I confirmed to the call center and there was an explanation, the news of the 1 year delay was not true,” he said.The correct announcement, he said, was that the suspension was temporary to the extent of what would be announced later.”For its development, it can be monitored through the Hajj and Umrah Ministry twitter,” Amin said.

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Saudi stops the Umrah activities at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque

Dream – Saudi Arabia finally decided to temporarily stop the activities of the Umrah in the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque. All worshipers who carry out the pilgrimage are not permitted to enter the Islamic shrine.A spokesman for the Saudi Interior Ministry announced the decision on Wednesday local time and is valid throughout the year. The Umrah ban is not only aimed at pilgrims from abroad but also Saudis themselves.This decision was made following the announcement of a positive case of corona infection in Arabia by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday afternoon local time, the official Saudi Press Agency reported .It was said the patient had just arrived from Iran through the Bahrain region and did not report to officers at the Saudi port. The patient entered Saudi along with one patient who had previously tested positive for corona.

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Umrah implementation suspended

The Saudi Interior Ministry said the aim of the ban was to prevent the spread of corona virus infection. All Umrah activities are suspended until a specified time.”Limiting access to the Two Holy Mosques which are routinely filled with crowds of worshipers makes security issues very important,” the spokesman said, quoted by Arab News.Meanwhile, Saudi Deputy Hajj Minister Abdulfattah Mashat said pilgrims, both Saudis and foreigners, could still visit Mecca and Medina. But, it is only for prayer and not for worship.”Mecca remains open to visitors from all over the Kingdom, the decision to postpone only applies to Umrah activities,” Abdulfattah said.

Touching View of the Kaaba
After Mataf is Opened, This is the Touching View of the Kaaba

Previously, the Saudis decided to temporarily stop the reception of pilgrims and visitors from abroad. Also delay the issuance of a visitor visa so that no one can enter the area.The temporary closure of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has had a major impact, especially on the Saudi economy. Considering the pilgrimage gives a very large contribution to Saudi income that has been steady leaving oil as the biggest source of income.

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Ma`ruf Amin Respects the Suspension of Umrah by the Saudis

 Vice President Ma’ruf Amin respects Saudi Arabia’s decision to temporarily stop the arrival of pilgrims from a number of countries. Because the policy was taken to anticipate the spread of the Corona virus that spread in a number of countries.”I think as the president said yes, we respect that what is called sovereignty than Saudi Arabia, because it prevents the Corona virus. One of them is by closing off access from outside, we respect the decision,” Ma’ruf said, Friday, February 28 2020According to Ma’ruf, Indonesia and other countries could suffer losses due to Saudi Arabia’s policies. But he respected Saudi Arabia’s decision. Indonesia cannot interfere.

“Of course the impact on entrepreneurs, on travel agencies, there are even countries that have a minus current surplus,” he said.The government, he said, will negotiate with Saudi Arabia regarding the suspension of the Umrah permit.”Certainly the Saudi decision is more holistic, right? Whether later, is there a policy that we will see. Are there any exceptions that we have not yet received confirmation from the Saudis,” he said.

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