Explanation Why These Countries Avoid Corona Virus

Wow 15 of these countries are not affected by covid-19 virus, let’s see how the explanation

It doesn’t take time for the corona virus to spread to various parts of the world. After spreading in Wuhan China, the virus that causes Covid-19 continues to spread to various countries.According to John Hopkins University & Medicine data, up to 20 April 2020 it was noted that cases of corona virus infection had occurred in 185 countries. As many as 2,406,745 people from various countries were infected, 165,273 of whom died.

Since the outbreak last year, the spread of the corona virus has continued to spread. Various countries actually do not stay silent. Some countries even do lockdowns . Close the country.But until now the transmission has not been fully controlled.Although the corona virus is almost gripping the world, there are a number of countries that have not been infected – at a minimum based on records there have been no positive case reports of Covid-19.

There are at least 15 countries that still have positive reports on Covid-19 cases.So, why did this happen? According to the SehatQ website there are a number of explanations for why these countries do not have co-19 cases.

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Countries Not Affected by Covid-19 Cases

There are 15 countries out of 193 UN member states that have not reported cases of Covid-19 infection. As for these countries, namely:

North Korea
Marshall Islands
Solomon Islands
Previously, there were still 18 countries free from the corona virus, including Yemen, Sao Tome and Principe, and South Sudan. Unfortunately, in the last few days these three countries have reported cases of Covid-19 infection .

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Why do these countries avoid the Covid-19 virus?

Word got out when the possibility of Covid-19 cases in these countries was covered up. However, according to Michael Yao, an emergency response expert at WHO Africa, said that the case in Africa was certainly not covered up or undetected. Because the spread of the virus is very fast so that an infected person will certainly be seen and certainly detected as well.

Explanation Countries
Explanation Why These Countries Avoid Corona Virus

Some experts also believe that climate plays a role in worsening or stopping the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It was said that the corona virus might not develop in warm climates. Unfortunately, there is not enough research on this matter.

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Country Not a Tourist Destination

However, we need to remember that most of the countries that have not reported the Covid-19 case are small Pacific Island states, as well as a handful of countries in Asia and Africa. Which is the possibility that these countries are not tourist destinations, so that the small number of travelers traveling to the country makes the virus not yet entered.Even before the pandemic occurred, a country like North Korea had implemented strict rules about who could enter and leave the country.

On the other hand, people from these countries may also have limited access to travel to other countries.Dr. Sarah Raskin, an assistant professor at L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University also stated that people from rich countries have greater access to travel so that the chances of being exposed to new pathogens are higher.

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Countries That Do Prevention From The Beginning

Addition, countries that are not affected by Covid-19 also have relatively good initial deterrence. North Korea was one of the first countries in the world to close its borders and develop other intensive steps to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus.

Likewise with Turkmenistan, which limits travel, manages mass cleaning and campaigns for warnings related to the spread of the virus.Meanwhile, Tajikistan has restrictions on travel and public gatherings, as well as organizing crowds and celebrations. Many of these countries have strict restrictions to avoid the continued spread of Covid-19.

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Country is not densely populated

Population in these countries is also not large so it is possible to implement physical distancing more optimally. Considering that the spread of the corona virus between humans occurs so quickly, WHO also recommends physical distancing or keeping a distance between yourself and others.

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