There is Good News for Students Threatened by DO

The campus is also asked to provide guidance to students who will complete the final project.

Pagebluk or corona virus epidemic makes changes in a number of policies and regulations in the field of education. In addition to the elimination of the National Examination (UN), another policy is for students who are threatened with drop outs (DO).Plt. The Director General of Higher Education, Nizam, said the ‘relief’ was contained in Circular Number 302 / E.E2 / KR / 2020 concerning the Learning Period of Organizing Education Programs.

He explained point one of the circular was intended, the Ministry of Education and Culture provides protection for students who are threatened with dropouts (DO) due to the emergence of Covid-19 emergency situations by providing a policy of extending the study period for one semester.”For students who at the end of the semester (even) are threatened to drop out (DO), they are given a policy of extension (study period) for one semester. Like undergraduate students of class 2013/2014 who end their studies in this semester,” said Nizam, in official statement, Friday, April 3, 2020.

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For Final Project

Even so, he said, it does not mean that all students are extended for one semester.Nizam appealed for the campus to facilitate or not complicate learning during the Covid-19 emergency.“For the final paper does not have to be in the form of primary data collection in the field or laboratory. Methods and time can be varied and flexible according to guidance from the supervisor,” he said.

Nizam invited universities to reorganize exam schedules and methods by paying attention to the situation and conditions on campus.Various unconventional methods can be selected, such as in the form of assignments, essays, literature review, data analysis, independent projects, and others.”The important thing is based on the learning outcome or expected learning outcomes. The practice schedule can be shifted, the end of the semester can be shifted, the academic calendar can be adjusted. What should not be compromised is the quality of the learning,” he said.

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There is Good News
There is Good News for Students Threatened by DO

House of Representatives and Minister of Education and Culture Study Options to Substitute 2020 National Exams for High Schools and High Schools

Commission X of the House of Representatives (DPR) and the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) examines various possible substitutes for the 2020 National Examination (UN) for graduation at elementary and secondary levels. One consideration that arises is the use of report cards as a material consideration.with cumulative grades in report cards,” said Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission X, Syaiful Huda, Tuesday, March 23, 2020 .

Syaiful said that the consultation meeting agreed on the implementation of the National Examination from the ground up to the top level.High School UN schedule should take place next week. Likewise with the SMP and SD UN which is scheduled no later than the end of April 2020.”The spread of the Covid-19 outbreak is predicted to continue until April. So it is impossible for us to force students to gather to implement the UN under the threat of the Covid-19 outbreak so we agree that the UN will be abolished,” he said.

Huda said that currently the Ministry of Cultural Education (Kemendikbud) was reviewing the options for implementing the National Standard School Examination (USBN) as a substitute for the UN. However, this option will only be taken if the school is able to hold USBN online.he said. He asserted that if USBN via online could not be done, then the final option would appear, namely the graduation method would be carried out by weighing the cumulative value of students while studying at school.

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Nadiem Makariem Asks Teachers in Corona Affected Areas to Teach from Home

Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Nadiem Anwar Makarim urges education workers and education staff not to come to school or campus. The appeal was submitted so that the corona virus outbreak did not spread.”Teachers and lecturers in Covid-19 affected areas should not go to school or campus for the time being,” said Nadiem, in his official statement, Friday, March 20, 2020.

According to Nadiem, he still heard a lot of teaching staff who had normal activities. “I emphasize, the activities of working, teaching or giving lectures can still be done from home by utilizing technology,” he said.Nadiem emphasized that the learning process or the completion of administrative matters can continue to run by utilizing technology. This effort is in line with the Circular of the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpanrb) No. 19 of 2020 concerning Adjustment of the Work System of State Civil Apparatuses in Preventing the Spread of Covid-19 in Government Agencies.

Referring to the letter, ASN who is in the environment of government agencies can carry out official duties by working at home.The circular also explained that the Personnel Management Officer was responsible for providing provisions for the implementation and supervision of work from home.Nadiem invites all parties to work together to present solutions to the obstacles that might arise as patterns change in the education unit.

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Educational Service Rules

As stated earlier in Circular Letter Number 36962 / MPK.A / HK / 2020, he asked the Regional Government and Higher Education Leadership to ensure that working from home does not affect the performance evaluation measures or the incentive system received by educators and education staff.”Physical presence is not a measure of performance. The most important thing is that learning continues and continues to happen. Only the way that turns into online learning,” Nadiem said.

Nadiem also asked the Education Office or the Higher Education Leadership to provide guidelines or technical procedures for implementing online learning by referring to the work from home policy set by the government.”This is the authority of each Department of Education or Higher Education. It can be arranged in further details of the procedure, the mechanism. Anything that becomes the rights and responsibilities of each. So that there is clarity and there is no confusion. Local governments need to be consistent in giving direction on this thing, “he said.

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