Mayor of Bengkulu Distributes Aid of 2.1 Million Kg of Rice and 210 Thousand Noodles

This assistance uses a budget of Rp204 billion.

Bengkulu City Government starts distributing basic food assistance to 370,125 people. The assistance of each package in the form of 20 kilograms of rice and two boxes of instant noodles was distributed in stages on Saturday 18 April 2020.Four districts in the city of Bengkulu, namely Teluk Segara, Muara Bangkahulu, Sungai Serut and Kampung Melayu got the first turn.

Mayor of Bengkulu, Helmi Hasan, along with the Deputy Mayor, Dedy Wahyudi, went straight to the field to deliver aid at several distribution points accompanied by the National Police Chief, Kodim Commander, Head of the District Attorney’s Office and city and sub-district level apparatus in Bengkulu City.Total rice distributed as much as 2.1 million kilograms and 210.35 thousand boxes of instant noodles was received by the community gradually. “One hundred percent of city residents will be given assistance, including students who live and study in the city of Bengkulu,”

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Door to Door Distribution

Pattern of distribution is done directly door to door or from house to house. Residents do not have to go out and stay at home, officers will deliver directly.Helmi explained, this assistance was funded by the Bengkulu City Regional Budget with a total budget diversion of Rp204 billion. So anyone who is a citizen of the Republic of Indonesia in the city of Bengkulu will be given assistance, the condition is that he wants to stay at home or stay at home and follow the direction of the government entitled to get help.”Residents in order to remain at home do not have to go out to buy rice, because we deliver rice to the house,” he said.

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Mayor of Bengkulu 2020
Mayor of Bengkulu 2020 Distributes Aid of 2.1 Million Kg of Rice and 210 Thousand Noodles

Make a Challenge with Prizes

Helmi also challenged City residents to share a sense of optimism in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic disaster by making a short video or vlog and sharing it on personal social media accounts.He even promised to give the agate rings, watches and sticks that he uses everyday for city residents who are considered the most attractive by the public relations team of the city of Bengkulu.

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Megawati Surprised To Get Groceries Directly From Mayor

First phase of the distribution of nine basic food staples by the Bengkulu City Government became a separate story for Megawati, a resident of Surabaya Village, Sungai Serut District. He and his family inside the house heard someone knocking on his door.When he opened the door of the house, it turned out that what came was Mayor Helmi Hasan who carried a sack of rice and instant noodles. With tears in her eyes and trembling knees, she received the help of the number one person in Bengkulu City.

Subhanallah , thank God, thank you, this is a blessing for us and our family,” Megawati said. Wife of a daily laborer is indeed the first target of assistance in Sungai Serut District along with two of the neighbors’ family heads. Economic conditions with erratic income at this time, making them have to rack my brain so they can still eat.” God willing, this is very helpful and useful for us,” continued Megawati.

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Community Must Be Persuaded and Seduced

Helmi said that his party is currently not providing assistance, but serving and returning public money to the people. The community must be persuaded and seduced in order to remain happy and stay at home.Not by being feared and threatened.”Stay inside the house, ma’am, this is the most delicious rice and instant noodles in the world from the Bengkulu City Government. This assistance is not the last. This is only the first stage of the 5 kg rice first. Later, the next 15 kg will be received because you will receive 20 kg of rice, “he said.

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