Suffering of a Nurse Contracting Covid-19: Vomiting 30 Times a Day for 4 Months

A nurse working on the front lines of the NHS claims that the coronavirus has left him with a lifelong illness that causes him to vomit 30 times a day

Since the Corona Covid-19 pandemic has spread around the world, nurses and health workers have been in the forefront of helping infected patients. His position at the forefront puts medical personnel at a high risk of contracting Covid-19. One of the nurses who became infected was Caroline Quinn. The nurse from Liverpool shared that her condition had worsened after testing positive for Covid-19. He even vomited 30 times a day during the 4 months of treatment.

The incident began in April 2020. At that time, Caroline had to undergo treatment at the hospital because she was suspected of being infected with Covid-19. However, he was allowed to go home because the SWAB results were negative. After returning, the 41-year-old woman felt that her health had deteriorated. Caroline suddenly tripled in weight. His life began to change. He was tormented even more. He was rushed to the hospital in May, and was diagnosed with gastroparesis and intestinal disorders.

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Caroline’s condition

Gastroparesis and intestinal disorders experienced by Caroline made her stomach and intestines unable to process food properly. As a result he had to eat through a tube and made him vomit up to 30 times a day. Caroline is worried that she won’t be able to return to work after being diagnosed with illness. Apart from vomiting, Caroline also felt nauseous and was in constant pain due to stomach cramps. “Everything that was eaten would just pass through my stomach and then vomit again,” said Caroline.

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Suffering of a Nurse Contracting
Suffering of a Nurse Contracting Covid-19: Vomiting 30 Times a Day for 4 Months

Covid-19 patients

“Although doctors cannot conclude the exact cause of gastroparesis, it could be due to damage to the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is a nerve that processes signals to tell the stomach to empty the contents of the stomach. At this time Caroline had to be given nutrition and water through a tube that went into her nose and straight through her stomach.

“I really have Covid-19 and this is proof. I treat patients with Covid so I know all the symptoms. The tests that the hospital does are sometimes not 100 percent accurate. There are many patients who test negative and then test positive,” said Caroline. .

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