Subject to Fictitious Deception, the Bakmi Loss Seller 16 Bowls

It turns out the buyer ‘s address is fake.

In the midst of the corona pandemic that is sweeping through many citizens in various countries, there are still people who intend evil. One that is quite frustrating is fictitious orders made through online delivery services.Not only in Indonesia, a similar incident actually happened in Singapore. The victim was a noodle seller who received 16 bowls.

Online food delivery services are currently rife in a number of countries, especially Singapore, as lockdown is implemented. In fact, many restaurants ultimately provide delivery servicesNoodle seller, Ivan Tzx, gets fictitious orders of 16 food portions. The pemensan asked him to send the food to an address that turned out to be a fake.Ivan also shared his experience of being a prey of a prankster. Like not satisfied making a loss of one or two bowls of noodles, the prankster took it a step further by ordering 16 servings of noodles at Ivan’s restaurant.

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Oddities appear

Food is ordered through online food delivery services. After the food is ready, the delivery person immediately sends food.After delivering food to the destination address, the delivery person finds the customer has pressed the ‘have received an order’ button in the application. Feeling strange, the food delivery person called the house owner.

The food delivery person then asked if the occupants of the house ordered 16 servings of noodles. Residents of the house were surprised because they did not order food at all.

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Subject to Fictitious
Subject to Fictitious Deception, the Bakmi Loss Seller 16 Bowls

Shocked House Residents

Situation is getting worse for residents of the house at the destination address. They even have to put up a notice to the delivery of food and delivery services that do not order anything.”For shipping officers, please note that we do not order packages online, we have not ordered food or other goods,” the contents of the note posted on the wall.As a result, not only Ivan but the food delivery also suffered losses. Ivan lost 16 bowls, while food delivery people lost shipping costs.

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Because of Pay in Place

Reason is the ‘cash on delivery’ option in the shipping application. Thus, a new order is paid if the buyer has received it.Ivan immediately made a report to the police.No matter what kind of work everyone has, we still have to have respect for people who work hard in a situation like now. Such as food delivery drivers, restaurant vendors, and others.

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