Covid 19 Plague Students in Saudi Arabia Prepared Study Via the Internet

This kind of distance learning system needs the latest technology and adequate internet speed.

The Government of Saudi Arabia will use the education system through digital learning methods after deciding to close schools after the outbreak of the corona virus.Currently Saudi already has a sophisticated online education system in a number of universities. This potential will be expanded by the government to get around students who are closed because of the school closure policy.Education offices in all regions have been asked to carry out the implementation, support and supervision of this distance learning operation.

“The health situation facing the world is encouraging the kingdom to use alternative learning and accelerate the e-learning process through a platform that is known and accredited,” said Dr. Noura Al-Marri, deputy chair of the Education Committee, told Arab News .Noura said integrated and distance education was one of the plans proposed before the spread of the corona virus.”Emergency events helped the implementation even though some peripheral areas did not have the components needed for fast and effective communication,” he said.

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Urges Telecommunications Companies to Help

Noura said, this technology is very important to ensure that student time is not wasted. “We have to adapt this technique, take advantage of the communication infrastructure and activate all e-learning tools,” he said.The Ministry of Education has directed workflows in virtual classrooms during the school closure period via the website. Digital material can be found on mobile pages and applications available for Android and iOS.

Students in Saudi Arabia
Covid 19 Plague Students in Saudi Arabia Prepared Study Via the Internet

However, the need for internet networks is one of the problems faced. King Saud University’s education technology professor, Adeeb Al-Soby said, another obstacle faced by students is the need for more modern devices.”The learning process requires a strong internet and modern devices such as cellphones and iPads because distance learning requires an effective learning platform for video files, audio files, chat, sharing and homework,” he said.”Communication companies are responsible for providing high-speed Internet services given the current situation, which emphasizes the importance of distance learning,” Al-Soby said.

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Covid-19 Update: Corona Virus Positive Patients in Indonesia Increase to 8 People

Positive patients have contracted the corona virus in Indonesia to this day, (Tuesday, March 10, 2020) an increase of eight people. With these additions, the total number of citizens in Indonesia affected by the Covid-19 virus and has been confirmed to be 27 cases.Government spokesman in the handling of corona virus, Achmad Yurianto reported that eight new positive patients of corona virus were obtained after the results of analysis and laboratory tests and the Ministry of Health’s Research and Development (Balitbang) Ministry of Health.”I will announce several cases that confirm positively,” Achmad said, in a live broadcast on Kompas TV, Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

Achmad said, after cases 01 to 19 were reported yesterday, the team found eight new cases of patients confirmed to have contracted the corona virus.From eight new corona positive cases, Achamd reported that two of them were foreign citizens (foreigners).Achmad said that the case with code 20 was female, 70 years old, coming from the tracing of the Jakarta sub-cluster.Findings from the Jakarta sub-cluster were also found in case 21. In this case, the patient was a 47-year-old sex.“Then the patient with code 22. Female 36 years. Imported case,” he said.

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Local Transmission Transmission

Meanwhile, patients with code 23 must have a ventilator installed. Patients with code 23 are women aged 73. “His condition is stable,” he said.Achmad continued, patient number 24 is male. 46 years old. He was infected with a virus from outside Indonesia, or imported cases.Patients with code 25, said Achmad, are female with age 53 years. Case 25 patients are foreigners.

Similar conditions also experienced by foreigners with code number 26. The 46-year-old man was infected with a virus from outside Indonesia.”Then code number 27. Male. 33 years. Indonesian citizen is stable condition,” he said.In this last case, code 27, Achmad will trace another distribution cluster because of the alleged transmission of local transmission.

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Alhamdulilah, the First Test Results from Two Corona Cases are Negative

Government spokesman for the management of the corona virus, Achmad Yurianto said the results of the first two patients tested positive for corona had been stated negative. The two patients were case patients 06 and case 14.”That case 06 has entered the fifth day. The examination has been negative. It means that we are still waiting for the second negative examination in the next two days,” Achmad said, Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

This 06 patient is a crew member of the Diamond Princess.”This is a imported case . We have started to educate the person concerned to do self-isolation . He refrained from contacting anyone. Temporarily. This does not mean that he cannot, he should. But he is arrested. meter, “he said.The health team has also taught him how to self monitoring. That is, he can pay attention if there are complaints of heat or cough.”He has to report to the health worker. We will give the officer contact and will be monitored. This is for case 06. But it is only very negative. We will wait for two more days, if two days are negative then the concerned does not need to be treated anymore. Hopefully this can be finished, “he said.

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Case Patient 14

In addition, there are case 14 patients. The condition of case 14 patients is in good condition. On the third day of treatment, case patient 14 was declared negative corona virus.Even this is faster. Because it turns out the contact is minimal and the conditions are really good,”Achmad said, the health team experienced complaints of sick symptoms. Case 14 patients experience symptoms such as flu and cough.

After tracing the interaction, this case is not from the parent or sub-cluster.This has become negative,” he said.Case patient 14 will undergo a re-examination for the next two days. If the patient’s condition remains negative, he will be allowed to go home and undergo independent isolation.And we have already educated the preparation to go home for self-isolated,” he said.

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