Story of the First Fasting of Converts in the UAE, There were some who were in secret

This is the first Ramadan fasting experience.

As many as 852 people have claimed to convert to Islam in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during the period January to April 2020. And this year is their first Ramadan.Even though the atmosphere of Ramadan this year was different due to the co-19 pandemic, it did not dampen their enthusiasm to continue fasting.Some of these converts are workers who come to visit the UAE for work purposes. However, in the end they became interested in Islam and studied it. They also shared the story of this first Ramadan.

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Sean Bessit

Sean Bessit never thought that he would become a Muslim, settle in the Middle East, until fasting in the month of Ramadan.He grew up in a Christian family in Scotland. Bessit, who is now 51 years old and lives in Ajman, also converted to Islam in March this year. and of course this Ramadhan becomes his first Ramadan.Bessit began to learn about Islam since his first visit to the UAE several years ago.”The company I work for in Berlin sent me to the UAE in 2016. I don’t know much about Muslims. I only have photos of the military such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, “said Bessit, who works for an IT company.

“Then when I moved here and started living here, I realized that most of my friends were Muslim. And we became very good. They taught me more about Islam and changed my opinion. As I searched more, I realized that was what I was looking for. “This fasting feels different, becomes a new experience for Bessit. He said that it was more difficult to meet with friends who had been helping him in learning Islam.He also decided to set a target to pray as often as possible. Read and understand the Koran as much as possible.For dawn and breaking fast, Bessit usually cooks at home. Sometimes he also orders pizza and cooks one of his favorite foods, Uzbek Pilov or a plate of rice with vegetables and beef.

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Story of the First
Story of the First Fasting of Converts in the UAE, There were some who were in secret

Ivan Knightsbridge

Ivan Knightsbridge is currently 40 years old. He moved to Dubai from Russia a year ago. And his visit to the UAE made him learn a lot about Islam.He converted to Islam on 20 Meret this year and began preparing for his first Ramadan. Since a month before Ramadan, he has been trying to change his sleeping, eating and exercise habits so he can adapt well when fasting.”My first challenge was to do physical training before Maghrib, when I was fasting all day,” said Knightsbridge, who works as a real estate agent.

“Second challenge is not drinking water all day. But if you try to focus on my client and read the Quran. Time passed quickly and helped me refocus my fasting. “He said that Ramadan had helped him improve some habits. Like being polite, having a clear mind to always be careful in acting.

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Fathima Zuhara

Fathima Zuhara is an Indian expatriate who converted to Islam after marriage. This is the first Ramadan for him.Zuhara said he was observing fasting secretly because his mother did not know about his new religion.After marrying her Muslim husband, Zuhara moved to Dubai three months ago. Although at first the marriage was opposed by his family.He said now his parents had accepted his marriage. And rebuild their relationship.To break the fast Zuhara and her husband cook themselves at home.”We have dates, rice and curry and some snacks. In a week we usually divide three days for non-vegetarian food and the rest for vegetarian food, “said Zuhara.

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