Story of Sita Tyasutami Survivor Corona 01, Depressed because of a Hoax

Already recovered, his condition suddenly dropped due to mental pressure.

Sita Tyasutami, survivor of the first case of Covid-19 in Indonesia relates the experience he faced. In addition to medical treatment, he also needed psychological encouragement during treatment.Sita is a 01 corona virus case in Indonesia that has been cured. He and his mother underwent treatment at RSPI Sulianti Saroso.

Sita claimed to have had inner pressure after being announced as the first Covid-19 positive patient in Indonesia.”At that time we felt pressure, because there was a sense of shock and fear. Then there was external pressure from the media and the people of Indonesia. So at that time I was experiencing tremendous inner pressure,” said Sita at the online launch of the psychology service of Healthy Soul (Sejiwa) with the Staff Office Presidency, Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

Sita, who was already getting better, fell ill again due to psychological pressure.”At that time my symptoms were only a dry cough. But after my photo and identity were revealed, the symptoms that had disappeared finally returned again for a week,” said Sita.

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Because of a Hoax

Being highlighted in the middle of a pandemic affected Sita’s immune condition. Psychological pressure makes the body endurance drop and back pain.According to Sita, the pressure also came from blasphemous blasphemies which were consumed by hoaxes or false news.

At that time, with everything that distorted all the facts, I experienced tremendous inner pressure. The people’s blasphemy was also caused by hoaxes and panic,” he said.

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Story of Sita 2020
Story of Sita Tyasutami Survivor Corona 01, Depressed because of a Hoax

Called a Psychologist for hours

Sita decided to seek the help of a psychologist. He also called the psychologist who is also his friend. They talked for hours to recover the inner condition.”When I was discharged from the hospital, I had a mental breakdown. For a full day I called for hours telling my experience to a psychologist until I calmed down,” he said.

Sita’s mental state gradually improved along with her physical condition. “Initially the blood pressure went up, I could not breathe even though I was healed and was discharged from the hospital.”

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Psychological Services for Covid-19 Patients

According to Sita, Covid-19 patients need psychological services that can accompany them if they experience mental stress.The government also launched the official psychology service for the Healthy Soul (Sejiwa) to protect patients.

Sejiwa is a psychological service for mental health. This service is provided in the form of counseling and education. This is very important because the community faces an uncertain situation,” said Head of Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Moeldoko.

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