Story of Corona’s Volunteer Management at Wisma Athlete

Dede must wear a complete PPE according to the protocol.

Corona virus pandemic is causing concern in various parts of the world, including Indonesia. Many people are afraid of contracting Covid-19.As a result, there were many objections to the funeral of the positive patient Covid-19. That certainly makes it difficult for many parties, especially medical staff.As stated by Dede, volunteers who handle the screening of the bodies of patients Covid-19. He joined in the organization of the National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) along with a number of other people trying to provide assistance to people in need.

Before being assigned to a corpse tour, he carried out social activities, such as spraying disinfectant liquid in the Old Town area to Monas together with the National Disaster Management Agency (BNBP).”From Baznas itself we have formed several programs, namely spraying disinfectants, public facilities and dropping logistics,” Dede said, quoted.Dede was then appointed to the Covid-19 corpse screening team. Since two weeks ago, Dede has been working at Wisma Atlet Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

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All Must Be Fast

Before being assigned to the Athlete’s House, he was active in the Baznas office. After getting a call of duty, he and several colleagues immediately headed to the location.”At the most 4 hours after he (the body) died, the management, within an hour we were there, happened to die in his isolation room at the age of 72 years. Because the Athlete House is still an emergency hospital, so the elevator facility is not yet the standard for which hospitals can enter a big push for patients, “he said.

Dede and his colleagues conducted a screening in the isolation room of the deceased patient. After using the Complete Self-Protection Tool (PPE), he and his colleagues began to understand the body.So every process we always spray with disinfectant, so first the shroud, then plastic, then put the body bag, from where we bring the bodies to the body. 1st floor. Because of the coincidence that died yesterday it was on the 9th floor, “he said.

Next process, the body was put in neatly. After everything was settled, the body was brought down to the Darai floor to be taken to the cemetery.”Because the screening rooms are not very neat, because of the emergency hospital, they are not ready to deal with it. After from the top of the 9th floor to the bottom, put it in a crate. If we are Muslims we pray, if not yes,” he continued .

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Story of Corona's Volunteer 2020
Story of Corona’s Volunteer 2020 Management at Wisma Athlete

After the body in the coffin

After the body is in the coffin, the next process is to wrap the coffin with special plastic. Then sprayed again with disinfectant liquid., “he said.In screening, Dede did not directly touch the body. This process must be run according to the specified system (SOP)”No (bathed in the body), we follow the SOP in Indonesia, a national SOP. (Infused) with clothes attached. Then we have a system for using the shroud without touching the victim, so there are ways we don’t touch the victim,” he said. .

To wrap the bodies, they first provided an unusual shroud. Because, the shroud they have provided has been wrapped around the end along with the plastic in the shroud.”So the shroud is like wrapped around the end and the end, then put it to the head rather pulled. It’s covered the body, then we can hold it, a little bit, right and left a little bit, then wrapped up. Indeed, the shroud is not as we usually prepare and we rather exaggerate, “he explained.After the body was neatly wrapped on the mattress, then the corona covid-19 victim’s body was immediately removed and put into a body bag. Before the body was put into a chest.

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Use Three Layers of PPE

In carrying out his duties, Dede told him that he and his colleagues had to use three layers of clothing.“For PPE, we have three layers, first our ordinary clothes, then green medical clothes, then hazmat clothes. Two-layer gloves,” he said.After carrying out the task, he and his team will immediately be sprayed with disinfectant liquid by other officers.

(Still using PPE) Yes, there are two cars, specifically for the team. So, not all the screening teams. The nurses were there too, the doctor who worked 3 shifts every shift must immediately enter the room to be watered, sprayed. that, “he said.After the PPE they use is splashed with disinfectant fluid, the hazmat clothing or the outer most body PPE is immediately thrown to a special place. However, for glasses, boots and first and second layer clothes they only soak them with disinfectant liquid, which they then wash immediately.

After coming out of the red zone, we are checked again all kinds of hand washing all kinds. Then we go into the bathroom, there is already a soap preparation with a change of clothes, we immediately take a shower, after we take a shower, we just go to the logistics again (yellow zone) ), to change the normal clothes, “he explained.“(Daily clothes) We wash it ourselves, we already have protap. So one day the clothes are required by our team, both the corpse scanning team or the spraying and logistics that are in this base camp , the day is immediately washed. in addition to assignments, “he continued.

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Must be 14 days independent isolation

After carrying out their duties, Dede and his colleagues had to do independent isolation in the office. In their offices where they work, a room has been prepared for independent isolation.We just asked for an on call system , because we already had facilities for teams dealing with patients. can go anywhere, “he said.During his independent isolation, Dede provided training for a new team assembled with corpses. So that does not mean it does not have activity.

In addition to providing training, Dede and his colleagues exercise every morning. The activity is an obligation to maintain the condition of the body in addition to taking vitamins and eating nutritious food.”But during isolation yesterday, too. I had several times left the field to dropping logistics to hospitals. Isolating baths does not mean we do not do activities, as long as we don’t connect with other people,” he said.

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