Splashy Dates ‘Corona’ Ahead of Ramadan

Wonder how the origin of the ‘Corona’ date in Egypt? Come on, let’s see the explanation!

Egypt is one of the biggest palm-producing countries in the world. Recently, traders called their crops by the date corona date because of the virus that has become a global pandemic. They picked up the name corona which was being talked about by many people. The marketing knowledge is pretty good, huh!But unique, in Egypt it is usual to give a new name to various types of fruit.

Two years ago the date was named Mohamed Salah, the Nile football star who played for an English team, Liverpool. This year is the same, one type of date palm named corona.Giving a unique name is believed to increase food sales that are synonymous with this Ramadan. What’s more corona became the most popular name in Egypt, even throughout the world.

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What price must be paid to be able to enjoy ‘Corona’ Dates?

Dates are trending among the people of Egypt is sold at 25 Egyptian pounds per kilogram ($ 1.58) or about Rp24 thousand.”We are accustomed to giving different types of dates every year,” Ahmed Amin, a trader at the wholesale market in Moqattam, Cairo, Egypt, was quoted by Arab News on Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

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Splashy Dates 2020
Splashy Dates 2020 ‘Corona’ Ahead of Ramadan

Purpose of Giving the Date Corona

According to Amin, usually the name date is taken from something that is the trend that year. One time the name of the Egyptian footballer Mohamed Aboutrika became the most expensive date name at that time.Previously, there was a date named Mohamed Ramadan (an Egyptian actor), belly dancer Sofinar and even Shakira. There are also dates based on the names of Egyptian actresses such as Laila Elwy and El-Shabah. Their purpose in giving these names is to make consumers interested.

One year, Mohamed Aboutrika, a former Egyptian soccer star, became a trend. About Daterika dates back to being the most expensive. Other date names that were used were Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan to the famous singer, Shakira,” Amin said.Giving a unique name on dates is believed to increase food sales that are synonymous with this Ramadan. For corona dates, Amin believes this name is very popular because corona is the most significant name to date because the corona virus is not only found in Egypt, but also throughout the world. He also said consumers buy corona dates in large quantities, and customers also feel comforted when they buy them.

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Dates in Egypt are Safe

Market manager affiliated with state-owned company Al-Ahram Consumer Complexes Company, Mohamed Kamal, said that the date palm stock in Egypt was safe.There are 200 kilograms of dried dates on the market with prices ranging from 11 to 16 Egyptian pounds. Half-dried dates are the most popular. It costs 15 Egyptian pounds per 700 grams of packaging and for a 400 gram package costs 30 pounds.Kamal called the half-dried dates “best-sellers.”

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Market Campaigns for the Slogan ‘No Corona Between Us’

Apart from the name corona date, traders in the market have also introduced the slogan “There is no Corona Among Us”. Prevent the virus by using gloves and wearing a face mask, while maintaining social distance and avoiding crowds.They emphasize to remain open in order to keep earning. The date traders did not forget to add a sentence “Ramadan is incomplete without dates.”

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