Seconds of a Positive Covid-19 Passenger Dragged Out of the Plane

After being on the plane, it turned out that the two Ryanair airline passengers were declared positive for Covid-19.

video of the pick-up of two passengers from the Ryanair airline at London Stansted Airport to Pisa, by airport health officials, has become a hot topic of conversation on social media. When carrying out the pick-up process, security officers wear complete personal protective equipment or hazmat. It turned out that the two passengers were declared positive for Covid-19. This incident is known to have occurred a few minutes before takeoff on Wednesday, August 26, 2020.

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Video uploaded by Twitter netizen @ FionnMurphy10 shows that all the passengers on the plane are still sitting quietly. Meanwhile three airport officers wearing hazmat approached a man who was sitting in the front seat of the plane. According to information, the two passengers had received text messages before boarding the plane informing them that both had tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

Seconds of a Positive Covid
Seconds of a Positive Covid-19 Passenger Dragged Out of the Plane

However, instead of following British and government airport health protocols for self-isolation, he continued on his way.

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A Ryanair spokesperson said, even though they were both declared exposed to the Covid-19 virus, while on the plane both of them still wore masks. So there is little risk of Covid-18 transmission between passengers or crew cabin because everyone is wearing a mask.

“The plane departed for Pisa after a delay of 1 hour 20 minutes to carry out disinfection in accordance with British government health protocols,” said a Ryanair spokesman. Earlier, the UK Health Department said that every citizen who is awaiting the results of a Corona virus test, must isolate themselves until they receive the results. In the UK, it takes 72 hours to receive the Corona virus test results.

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