Ruling May 16, 2020, Prayer for Taufiq

Faced with a difficult situation makes us doubt.

There are times when we are faced with an uncertain situation. There are doubts about what we do.Already trying to do something, there is still a feeling of worry. Moreover, until it appears the feeling is not in Allah’s favor.In this condition, we don’t need to be confused. Leave everything to God.In addition, we continue to ask Allah for guidance. Through taufiq that He gave, God willing, all problems can be passed.When asking for taufiq, we are encouraged to read this prayer.

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Ruling May 27
Ruling May 16, 2020, Prayer for Taufiq

Prayers Please Taufiq

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Allahumma inna nas’aluka bi haqqi asmaikal husna. Yes fattah yes’ pious ya ‘aziz ya karim iftah abwaba qulubina bi nurika warhamna bi tho’atika wahjub’ anna ma’shiyyataka wamnun ‘alaina bi ma’rifatika ilaha waffiqna waffiqna waffiqna waghnina bi qudratika’ an qudina wa an’udm wa wa ilmina wa bi iradatika ‘an iradatina wa bi shifatika’ an shifatina fa anta shahibul madad wal futuh wa anta ‘ala kulli syai’in qadir. Wa sallallaahu ‘ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa’ ala over wa wa shohbihi wa sallam.That is,

“O Allah, we plead with You for the sake of the Beautiful names; Yes Fattah, Yes ‘Alim, Yes’ Aziz, Yes Karim, open the doors of our hearts with a splash of Your light, bless us with obedience to You, protect us from iniquity towards you, and grant us your outpouring of your law, O Allah, grant us your knowledge (adjust our will to your will), make us sufficient with the qudrat of your power, not rely on our abilities and powers. Make us sufficient with your knowledge, not rely on our knowledge, with your will not follow our will, with your qualities, not adorn ourselves with our deficiencies, you are the owner of help and grace, and you are almighty over everything, Wa Shalla Allahu ‘ala sayyidina Muhamamdin wa’ ala aalihi wa shahbihi wa sallam.

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