Research: Corona Virus Can Live in Patients’ Eyes for 20 Days

Latest findings confirm the importance of suggestions for washing hands with soap and not touching the nose, mouth and eyes.

A rare event happened to a Covid-19 patient. Although declared recovered, in the eyes of these patients still leave traces of the corona virus that causes Covid-19.According to researchers, the latest findings show how important it is to wash hands with soap and not touch the nose, mouth and eyes.

The 65-year-old patient is the first positive case of Covid-19 in Italy. He showed signs of conjunctivitis after being treated January 23 in hospital.Conjunctivitis is a condition of red eye due to inflammation of the membrane lining the surface of the eyeball and inner eyelid.On the third day at the hospital, the woman submitted the results of an eye swab test. It turned out that the level of virus particles detected in the swab test results was very high, the researchers said.

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Potential to be Contagious

From the results of the next swab test it was discovered that the virus had multiplied itself. This shows that his eyes could potentially transmit the corona virus.”We found that eye fluid from patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 can contain infectious viruses, and therefore can be a potential source of infection,” the researchers wrote.

The virus remained detected in his eyes until at least the 20th day. Although it had disappeared, but the virus reappeared seven days later.The researchers noted that the virus was able to stay in the eyes of patients longer than in the nose.”RNA from SARS-CoV-2 was detected in the eye swab a few days after it was not detected in the nasal swab,” the researchers wrote in the findings, written in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine .

This finding emphasizes the importance of taking precautionary measures to transmit the corona virus, such as not touching the nose, mouth and eyes and frequently washing hands with soap.

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Circulating Photos of Corona Virus Storage in Wuhan Laboratory Damaged

There was a surprising situation in the highest-security laboratory in China, the country that was the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic.Confidential photographs from the Virology Institute in Wuhan that are confidential show the rubber door of the refrigerator used to store 1,500 types of viruses have been damaged.

One of the 1,500 types of viruses that are stored including the corona virus in bats that is transmitted to humans.The photos were first released by China Daily in 2018, but were published on Twitter last month, before being deleted.

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Corona Virus Experiments in Bats

Mail page on Sunday two weeks ago revealed that Chinese ministers were now worried that the outbreak might spread as a result of the leak.Last week, the British newspaper also revealed that the Wuhan Virology Institute had conducted a corona virus experiment on bats that were captured more than 1,000 miles away in Yunnan.

Experiment received US $ 3.7 million from the United States government.It was later discovered that the Covid-19 genome sequence turned out to lead to the corona virus in bats which were only found in caves in Yunnan.

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Research Corona Virus 2020
Research Corona Virus 2020 Can Live in Patients’ Eyes for 20 Days

China Requested Transparent

US President, Donald Trump, when questioned about the leak theory at a press conference last week said, “We are conducting a thorough investigation of this dire situation”.Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded that Beijing be transparent about whether the corona virus leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan. He said ‘there is still much to be learned.

The US government is working hard to ensure this’.He added that one of the best collaborations China had to do was ‘let the world in and allow world scientists to know exactly how it happened, more precisely how the virus began to spread’.

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Corona Virus Research Since 2018

Suspicion of China has increased after the Washington Post reported that US diplomats in Beijing wrote about a laboratory in Wuhan in 2018.The US diplomat warned the State Department about ‘laboratory studies of the corona virus in bats and the possibility of transmission to humans at risk of new outbreaks such as SARS’.

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Laboratory in Wuhan Panic

While US intelligence sources said shortly after the corona virus outbreak spread, officials at the Wuhan Virology Institute destroyed the virus samples and deleted previous reports.Not only that, the laboratory in Wuhan also banned academic newspapers. They also tried to blame the animal market in Wuhan, where wild animals are traded.

The sources believe that ‘Zero Patient’ was an intern in the laboratory, who spread the virus to local residents after infecting his girlfriend.

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China Denies Being Involved

Another source described ‘the cost of closing the case as the most expensive cost incurred by the Chinese government‘.Beijing stresses that the involvement of the Virology Institute in Wuhan is just a coincidence. They refused to be associated with the laboratory and called it an “unsubstantiated conspiracy theory“.In a letter to The Mail on Sunday, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy said, “There is nothing to hide, and no secrets are hidden”.

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