Proud! Garuda Contingent Free US Hostage in the Congo

Konga TNI Task Force successfully carried out negotiations so that US citizens could be released.

Garuda Contingent Task Force XXXIX-B RDB MONUSCO, serving in Congo, is involved in an operation to free the citizens of the United States, held hostage by armed criminal groups. The incident took place last week. Followed from Instagram @puspentni, Commander of the Garuda Contingent Task Force XXXIX-B RDB MONUSCO, Colonel Inf. Daniel Lumban Raja, said the release effort began with information from the Chief and MSF team to Lulimba’s Static Combat Deployment (SC) Commander, Major Inf. Yoni The information said there would be negotiations with bandits who kidnapped US citizens on Sarah’s behalf. US citizens who have been held for 16 days at the headquarters of an armed group located in the Ake village.

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Proud! Garuda Contingent
Proud! Garuda Contingent Free US Hostage in the Congo

Getting that information, the Lulimba SCD Commander together with the Chief Village, FARDC Regiment Commander, Local Police Commander and MSF Team in Lulimba Village immediately held a briefing. The discussion discussed anticipatory steps for all risks that could possibly occur during the negotiation process. Daniel said the negotiations were then carried out with three bandit group representatives. They were armed with AK-47 assault rifles.

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Negotiations finally found a bright spot. The bandits are willing to free the hostages.

The hostages were released in a stable condition. Next undergo a medical examination. This success was appreciated by the Chief and MSF Team. Also a thank you for the Konga TNI Task Force working hard to help free the hostages.

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