Prayer Requests Protection from Disease and Danger

Disease can be rejected with the protection of Allah SWT.

Pain can come at any time even though we have anticipated it. Disease certainly makes our body weaker.Like illness caused by a virus that is currently spreading in the world. To make a lot of people panic.The world recognizes it as the Covid-19 corona virus. This virus causes quite severe pain, one of which is pneumonia.Many patients infected with this virus die in treatment. A dangerous condition.In order to avoid the danger of severe illness, it is recommended to read this prayer. The prayer is in the hadith of Imam Abu Dawud, practiced to ask for protection from Allah SWT.

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Prayer for Protection

Prayer for Protection
Prayer Requests Protection from Prayer for Protection Disease and Danger

That is,”In the name of Allah with His name something is harmless on earth and in heaven and He is Hearing again Knowing.”

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Prayers To Avoid Interference During Prayer

It can be said, prayer is the main pillar of Islam. Every Muslim is forbidden from leaving his prayer.Prayer is performed solemnly so that you can feel calm and peace. With solemn prayer we are expected to feel close to Allah SWT.Unfortunately, solemn prayer is not easy to obtain. There are just disturbances that make us difficult to solemn.Can be from outside such as certain sounds or objects. It could also be from the inside like remembering lost items and so on.In order to avoid prayer from all disturbances, it is recommended to read this prayer.

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Reject Interference

Reject Interference
Prayer Requests Protection from Reject Interference Disease and Danger

That is,”O God, I ask for your protection from Satan, from his arrogance, blow and blowing.”

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Prayer Requests Firmness in Good and Truth

Faith is the most important thing in our lives. Faith directs us to lean towards goodness and truth.However, a person is not called a faith if he has not been tested. The test is God’s way of elevating a servant.The test of faith is not trivial. Even to be able to make someone waver in holding his faith.Many people end up falling and failing to take the test of faith. They also fell into error and preferred ugliness.Likewise, maintaining faith is not easy. Temptation after temptation so much.To invoke Islam in faith, it is recommended to read this prayer which is the Letter of Ali Imran verse 8.

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Istiqamah Faith Prayer

Istiqamah Faith Prayer
Prayer Requests Protection from Istiqamah Faith Prayer Disease and Danger

That is,”O our Lord, do not make our hearts inclined to error after you give us instructions, and grant us mercy from your side, for indeed you are the Provider.

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