PPE Requirements that Fit the Qualifications and Specifications of the Material

Ministry of Health publishes technical manuals for material standards and PPE qualifications,

Director General of Health Services Ministry of Health and Chair of the Indonesian Telemedicine Alliance, Bambang Wibowo, appealed to the public and health facilities that make personal protective equipment (PPE) to pay attention to the qualifications and specifications of PPE materials.”For communities and health facilities that make their own PPE, also pay attention to the qualifications or specifications of the materials needed,” said Bambang at Graha BNPB, Jakarta, Thursday, April 9, 2020.

At present the PPE requirement is known to be very high while its availability is limited. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, PPE was not only used and needed by doctors, nurses and other health workers, but also patients and the community, so that PPE production was needed.Although the public can make their own PPE, Bambang appealed for the process of pembiatanya still pay attention to the main principles of the use of PPE. Some of these provisions are PPE must be able to provide protection against specific hazards such as sparks, direct contact, or indirect.

PPE, said Bambang, should be as light as possible and comfortable to use, can be used flexibly, does not cause additional hazards, is not easily damaged, meets the provisions of existing standards, easy maintenance and does not limit the movement of health workers.Several types of PPE, including masks, including N95 masks, surgical masks and cloth masks, face shields, eye protection, gowns, aprons or aprons, gloves, headgear and protective shoes

“The Ministry of Health has published a technical manual here which is complete related with standards such as what is needed by health workers and the community and patients, and what types are used, “he said.

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Making the Right PPE

Appropriate use of PPE, according to Bambang, will be able to prevent the transmission of SARS Cov-2. While the making of independent PPE is expected to help maintain the diversity of PPE during the pandemic.”The proper use of PPE will be able to act as a barrier, between infectious material as a virus and bacteria, on the skin of the nose, mouth or on the lining of the eye for health workers and patients,” said Bambang.Furthermore, Bambang explained that PPE as a barrier has the potential to block the transmission of contaminants such as blood, body fluids or respiratory secretions.

In addition, Bambang reminded that the use of PPE that is appropriate must also be accompanied by other infection control practices by health authorities and doctors and nurses, such as the five moments of hand washing, cough ethics and sneezing.”Also, it is important once again the removal or disposal of APD that has been contaminated or has been used to prevent exposure of other users or people to infectious material,” he said.

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PPE Requirements 2020
PPE Requirements 2020 that Fit the Qualifications and Specifications of the Material

Not Want to Lose from Lamborghini, Lego Participates in PPE Production

Not only automotive, the toy industry also manufactures medical devices to ‘fight’ the corona virus. Just call it Lego.Quoted from Brickfinder, Thursday 9 April 2020, the Facebook account of The Region of Southern Denmark posted the article that Lego Group is secretly developing eye protection equipment.

This tool is intended for medical officers and is part of personal protective equipment (PPE).Googles was developed by The Odense University Hospital with Sygehus Lillebaelt. The good news, the development of this tool was successful.The plan, eye protection equipment will be distributed to all hospitals in Denmark as soon as possible.

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Lego closes all stores in the world, except in China

Since the corona virus has become a global pandemic, the famous toy company Lego has finally decided to close all its stores in the world. Legi will only open one store operating in China.The closure of all Lego offline stores will take place until March 27, 2020.The announcement of the closure of the Lego retail store was delivered by the company through an upload on its official Instgram account, on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

The health and safety of children and communities around the world are our top priorities,” Lego wrote, quoted from his Instagram account, @ lego.Despite closing its stores worldwide, Lego ensures that all employees who are dismissed will continue to receive salaries from the company.In addition, Lego will also continue to serve purchases from loyal customers made through online media or buying and selling sites owned by the company.

Lego also feels inspired by the efforts of all people in the world who are trying to protect themselves from exposure to viruses. One of the things that strengthens Lego is the fact that playing and learning can strengthen the moment of family togetherness even in times of uncertainty.”We will go through this together. So stay safe, stay home and stay strong,” Lego wrote.

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The Lego KW Factory was forced to close, from Block Sets to Cardboard Traced

Chinese toy manufacturers are forced to stop producing block sets toys. This manufacturer is proven to have imitated Lego toys.Quoted from Shanghaiist , Saturday, May 4, 2019, Shanghai police found similarities in toy products made by Lepin with Lego in October 2019. Lepin’s warehouse and factory in Shenzhen were confiscated.

These two locations produced 630 thousand finished products worth 200 million yuan (Rp423.62 billion). In their investigation, the local police assessed that Lepin’s products were very similar to Lego.Four people were arrested for the Lego impersonation case.

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Much Cheaper than Lego

On their company website, Lepin offers a number of different block set toys advertised as “Compatible Lego”. This set of toys is sold cheaper than the original Lego.For example, the Millennium Falcon package sells for US $ 313 (Rp4.46 million).

Cheaper than what Lego sells for US $ 800 (Rp. 11.41 million).Because the price is super cheap, it’s no wonder that most of the Lepin products listed are always “out of stock”.On its website, the company issued a statement that it had temporarily stopped producing Lepin toy blocks. They stopped temporary production as of May 1, 2019 at the request of the Chinese government and the Shanghai police.

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