PMI Jember Describes ‘Sultan Jember’ Boasting about IDR 16 Billion Donation

Couple Haduri Wijaya bin H. Mustofa and Rita Hapsari Ningtyas told Anang and Ashanty that they had given assistance amounting to Rp16 billion to PMI.

You mean that you want to have a new home soon but Ashanty and Anang met a con artist instead. Prospective buyers of their homes turned out to be a couple who were included in the East Java Police People’s Search List (DPO).Previously, the couple Haduri Wijaya bin H. Mustofa and Rita Hapsari Ningtyas told Anang and Ashanty that they had provided assistance in the amount of Rp 16 billion in the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in Jember. They also showed photographs when giving assistance.

Apparently the Jember PMI has denied receiving donations from the couple. Jember PMI Chair, EA Zaenal Marzuki admitted that there had indeed been a number of meetings with Haduri Wijaya.The climax was a meeting with 6 December 2019. At that time, Haduri, who claimed to be a mining businessman in Papua and claimed to have 300 classy hotels in various countries, attended the hospitality at the official residence of the regent of Jember, Pendopo Wahyawibawagraha.

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Claiming to Want to Build a Luxury Hotel

Haduri, who also claimed to be building a luxury hotel in Jember, was a special invited guest from PMI and the Regent of Jember, Dr. Faida Haduri’s boast started from a visit he made in mid-October 2019 to the JI PMI headquarters.”At that time, Haduri and his wife took their own initiative to come to PMI Jember Headquarters, accompanied by an assistant and driver driving a Xenia car. Haduri claimed to be interested in PMI’s gait after reading about news from the mass media,” Zaenal Marzuki was quoted as saying by

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Promise a Donation of up to Rp. 200 Billion

After the meeting, Haduri then communicated intensively via telephone and whatsapp, with Zaenal Marzuki. He claimed to want to hand over Rp 16 billion in aid to the Jember PMI for organizational development and the construction of the Jember emergency hospital.The donation was then given symbolically at the PMI anniversary event which was held at the official residence of the regent of Jember, the pavilion Wahyawibawagraha on 6 December 2019. To PMI Jember, Haduri ‘handed over’ a donation of Rp 16 billion. Then to the East Java PMI, Haduri handed over a donation of Rp. 200 Billion.

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The Ceremony was attended by the Regent of Jember

There were also a number of figures present, including the host, regent of Jember, Dr. Faida. In addition to Zaenal, the Chairman of the East Java PMI who is also a former governor and former Pangdam Imam Utomo also attended to receive the symbolic donation. News of the donation submission was then covered by various media and viruses.”In addition to symbolically surrendering, Mr. Haduri and his wife were also special guests at the East Java PMI Volunteer Day Commemoration Ceremony, which was centered in Jember square, the next day, Saturday (7/12).

PMI Jember Describes
PMI Jember Describes ‘Sultan Jember’ Boasting about IDR 16 Billion Donation

Husband and wife looked happy to see a series of ceremony, appearance of the emergency response demonstration until the Jember Volunteer PMI parade, “said Zaenal.From this series of stories, PMI did not expect that the husband and wife were making public lies. After being reported, the donations from Haduri and Rita were limited to the ‘ceremonial donation’ in December 2019.”Because it turns out that until now, the funds have never been realized,” said Zaenal.

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Prospective Ashanty Home Buyers Turned Into Police DPO

Ashanty almost became a victim of fraud from prospective buyers of luxury homes in Cinere, West Java. Anang Hermansyah’s wife admitted that she did not know if the prospective buyer was included in the Jember Police DPO in East Java.DPO is a term in the field of law or criminality that refers to a list of people sought or targeted by law enforcement officialsAshanty was initially stunned by the way the prospective purchasers were known named Haduri and Rita Hapsari. Until finally he believed and wanted to give the original documents of his house.

“I’m already impressed with the way he talks in English and so on. Even though my notary has said, People who want to buy a house must pay down payment (down payment / down payment),” Ashanty said in her YouTube Channel quoted by Dream, Sunday, July 19, 2020 .Ashanty was fortunate, when she was about to give home documents, the notary and her assistant forbade, including her husband Anang Hermansyah. They are suspicious of these potential buyers.”Mas Anang said you were wrong or something. Finally, at night I wanted to give a photocopy of the house letter. When I wanted to, I was arrested by my notary and him (pointing to an assistant),” Ashanty said.

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Apparently Police DPO

Ashanty still intends to submit her house documents. Moreover, that person has given a donation of Rp 200 billion to Jember.But when he listened to the notary’s input to check the truth of the news, Ashanty realized that the prospective buyer was included in the police DPO (List of People Search).”Mas Anang, we checked out a few days later. We already sold the house and had it on the ad, we had a chance to see the house. When yesterday on the phone yesterday it turned out that they were East Java DPOs,” he said.Ashanty felt very disappointed and deceived by the act of that person. Moreover, he had announced his house was sold.”We have in essence been lied to,” he said. (mut)

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