How much more time do we need to become a nation by crowds?

Chinese government took its actions

I am based in Beijing, the capital of China. It’s the last week of December 2019 when the Corona virus outbreak surfaced. You know the details of where the Chinese government took its actions. It is now possible to speak further in this regard. The Chinese nation has set such examples of obedience to its system during the epidemic that large democracies and so-called civilized societies have also become known to the Chinese nation. On the other hand, like every serious problem in my country, outbreaks have become a joke.The Chinese people considered every restriction from Wuhan to the lockdown of the population to be beneficial to them and followed every government-issued directive. There was no disturbance in the population of 1.5 billion. Gatherings were banned, temperatures and identities were checked everywhere, no one seemed to hesitate. In the meantime, there were no incidents of hoarding and illegal profits.

The Pakistani government after a tornado hit on social media

One billion students find alternatives to education on the Internet. Normalized exercise at home. This is the nation, today Almighty China is close to defeating this epidemic as a nation.Now, some mention of their homeland where the idols of idols are being spoken. Everyone is singing their own melody. The Pakistani government announced the closure of educational institutions after a tornado hit on social media. Everyone is reacting in their own way. Many people have begun to ridicule the government’s decree. There are videos that are posting koruna live slogans. It is being said that educational institutions have been shut down as the virus is coming from China to Pakistan. Someone is saying that after the announcement of the holidays, the children are ready for a shift in the home of their grandparents. Someone is shouting that educational institutions are closed, markets and offices open, can’t they spread there? Someone is bothering the government for declaring a holiday. As many mouths as so many things.

Government that a meeting of the National Security Council has been convened,

On one hand, it is a matter of seriousness of government that a meeting of the National Security Council has been convened, and on the other hand quarantine centers have become picnic points. Non-smoked bacon and pan-cigarette stalls. We have to be mature now and give up unhealthy behaviors. The government alone cannot do anything to prevent this outbreak. We, as a nation, have to reflect collective consciousness
This virus is the punishment of Allah, which has infected millions of people all over the world. Many lives have been swallowed up, thousands of homes have been ravaged, its adverse effects on the world economy. Stock markets around the world have collapsed.Praise be to Allaah, Pakistan is still on the virus-protected list of countries.

Pakistan Corona virus rates are the lowest

Corona virus rates here are the lowest. Lockdown is being set up in Pakistan to avoid any unforeseen situation. World Health Organization has declared COD-19 a global outbreak. Even after some cases were reported in Pakistan, the attitude of the people was quite serious. PSL matches were taking place, gatherings were underway. Even in the eyes of foreign media, all this was coming in. If this disease spreads, then Pakistan would have to be declared an irresponsible and irresponsible country. Therefore, the government’s measures to control the epidemic need to be appreciated, not sarcastic.We have seen many tragedies in our history. After each accident we become a nation for a while and then after that we become the same people who want to hang on to whatever they want.

We have the guidance of religion, the guidance of the Qur’an and the numerous blessings of Allah’s mercy. Let’s firmly hold the rope of Allah without waiting for a new accident and tackle every challenge, including this outbreak, without falling apart.


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