Mysterious Phenomenon, Many Dead Bats Fall in Israel

Residents want their environment to be sprayed with disinfectant.

Residents worry that the death of the mysterious bat had a severe impact on the corona corona virus outbreak, Covid-19, originating from Wuhan, China, is still a global concern.The problem is, as of Friday, March 27, 2020, tens of thousands of people have died from the virus that has no cure yet.

Allegedly, the cause of Covid-19 is a new corona virus carried by fruit bats or commonly called codots.As a result, every incident involving bats is always linked as a source of new corona virus outbreaks.

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Bats Fall Without Cause

Recently a horrific incident in Israel related to bats. A series of photographs shows the bat dying without cause lying on the grass.The viral photo on Facebook was posted by netizen Adi Moskowitz. He found dozens of dead bats in Taman Le Leumi in Ramat Gan on Saturday, March 22, 2020.

This dead bat outbreak was also strengthened by a video recorded several miles by residents in Pardes Katz, Bnei Brak.In the video, residents found several dead bats on the edge and in the middle of the road. The bat found dead is still small and shows no trauma.

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Worried to Bring Corona Virus

Meanwhile, the founder of the Israeli Bat Society group, Nora Lifshitz, said this was a very rare phenomenon.He himself did not really understand the phenomenon that was happening. Lifshitz only gave an explanation about the cold weather as the cause.”This is probably due to the cold weather brought by the storm this weekend,” he said

But Lifshitz acknowledged that it was still limited to theory. He had never witnessed a phenomenon like this before.Israeli netizens were excited. They are afraid that this dead bats will bring a new corona virus, Covid-19, to their environment.Some comments on Facebook asked their area to be sprayed with disinfectants to anticipate the transmission of the new corona virus.

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Bats in Indonesia Contain Corona Virus, This Is the Distribution

Corona virus outbreak (2019-nCoV) originating from Wuhan, China is still a global concern. The reason is, there have been hundreds of people died from the virus that has no cure.Allegedly, the cause of the corona virus in Wuhan is from bats. Pathology expert from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of IPB University, Prof. Agus Setiyono, said that bats in Indonesia also contain corona virus.”The bats we get are (corona virus), we are from the west to eastern Indonesia even though not every city, we choose Bukittinggi, in Bogor Panjalu, Ciamis to Manado,”

Agus said while talking with Dream , Monday, January 3, 2020.However, Agus has not been able to confirm that the corona virus in bats in Indonesia is the same or not with the one in Wuhan. That, he said, needs further research.”Now, what is worried about bats is because we do get the corona virus in bats. We don’t know whether the corona found in Wuhan might be different,” he said. “

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How to Avoid it: Don’t Eat Fruit

Furthermore, he said, the corona virus found in Indonesian territory bats was of the type of fruit eater.Therefore, he appealed to the public not to eat used fruit that was eaten by bats.IPB University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Pathologist, Prof. Agus Setiyono (Photo: Official website of IPB)

“There are more than 50 species of bats. Many insectivorous bats so there is no, as there is also a vampire. (Indonesia) that there are some bats, principally the fruit bats. There in the journal that we publish ,” he said.

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Mysterious Phenomenon
Mysterious Phenomenon, Many Dead Bats Fall in Israel

Bat Soup Suspected of Corona Virus Transmission to Humans

Corona outbreak is currently plague in Wuhan, China. Various efforts were made by the Bamboo Curtain country so that the plague did not spread.Reported by DailyStar , which cited a Chinese Science Bulletin report, fruit bats are believed to be carriers of the corona virus.While bat soup which is a famous culinary in Wuhan city is an intermediary that transmits the virus to humans.

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The Corona Virus Carrier is a fruit bat

The alleged fruit bat as an intermediary for the corona virus is also supported by the delicacy of bat soup from Wuhan city which is very famous in the world.Some experts through their report in the China Science Bulletin stated that fruit bats might be the carriers of the virus.It was said that at the beginning of its spread, experts underestimated the condition of the corona virus because it was similar to pneumonia and SARS.

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Wuhan Residents Like to Eat Bat Soup

The experts’ suspicion in the Bulletin was supported by photos and videos of Wuhan residents eating viral bat soup on social media.A video shows a bat girl in her mouth wearing chopsticks at dinner with her friends.On a separate occasion, a Wuhan resident took a picture of a bat smirking in front of the camera before eating it.But there is something strange about the bat soup that Wuhan residents eat. You can see the inside of a bat’s stomach floating in the soup broth.

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Those infected with Corona Virus have already killed 4,000

Experts suspect that the Wuhan corona virus originates from fruit bats that are cooked into soup.”The Wuhan corona virus may originate from bats (fruit). But between bats and humans there may be unknown intermediaries,” said a scientist.

Professor Neil Ferguson, director of the Medical Research Center for Global Infectious Disease Analysis, said the estimated number of people infected with the corona virus in Wuhan was around 4,000.

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