Lurah seconds went berserk in South Tangerang 3 High School because

Saidun’s visit on Friday, July 10, 2020 turned out to force the school of South Tangerang 3 Tangsel to accept their students

Incident of a village headman on a rampage at SMAN 3 South Tangerang caused a stir. Benda-Baru village chief, Pamulang sub-district, Saidun, was known to kick things on the table and damage school facilities.It was reportedly triggered by the village head’s frustration because the school could not accommodate his wishes. Saidun’s arrival on Friday, July 10, 2020 turned out to force the school in South Tangerang 3 Tangsel to accept their students or their students.

“At that time the reported (Saidun) entered the room of the Principal of SMAN 3 South Tangerang intending to force the head of SMAN 3 South Tangerang to accept 2 new prospective students to be accepted into SMangs 3 South Tangerang,” the Pamulang police chief, Kompol Supiyanto, was quoted from

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Reported to the police

SMAN 3 Tangerang Selatan party finally reported Saidun to the authorities due to the destruction of school facilities. Supiyanto explained, Saidun went to SMA N 3 Tangsel, Jalan Benda Timur XI A, Benda Baru Village, Pamulang District at 15.30 WIB and immediately entered the headroom of SMAN 3 Tangsel.Then, the Principal of SMAN 3 South Tangerang gave an explanation if previously there had been three prospective students acting in the name of the new village head. However, the three prospective students are still in reserve.

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Lurah seconds went berserk
Lurah seconds went berserk in South Tangerang 3 High School because

Head of P Naik Village

Unacceptable and dissatisfied with the response of the Acting Principal of SMAN 3 South Tangerang, Saidun became furious and immediately kicked the jar placed on the guest table. The village chief then immediately left the room.”Hearing the answer given by the Principal of SMAN 3 South Tangerang, the reported (Saidun) immediately kicked the jar on the guest room of the principal’s office. After kicking the jars of snacks that were on the guest table of the principal’s room, the reported headmaster left the room then left , “said Supiyanto.Saidun is suspected of committing a criminal act with violence or threat of violence forcing people to do or not doing and damage, as referred to in article 335 (1) of the Criminal Code and 406 of the Criminal Code.

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Saidun Regret

Saidun also acknowledged the incident. He expressed his regret for his actions, and claimed to have apologized to the Principal of SMAN 3 South Tangerang and the Council of Teachers at the school.”Actually, I have already said sorry, that was the incident last Friday, and my week Whatsapp to apologize to Mrs. Ana (Head of SMAN3), and has been forgiven,” he explained. He asserted, that the kick was right he did because he was upset, at that time. “That is biscuits, there are glasses, I don’t know. Those are exaggerated. But today I am with the Camat, Head of BKPP, Mrs. Kepsek and in front of the teacher council I convey an apology and it has been clear, resolved by family,” he explained .

He claimed, the SMAN 3 South Tangerang, will also revoke the Police report, and agreed to resolve the case in a family way.”This is an experience, so that it will become my lesson in the future so that it will not be repeated. Earlier, Mrs. Aan’s information, trying to revoke the report and settled the family,” he explained.Saidun dismissed, he banned students from attending the high school, on the pretext of material or by giving facilitation payments.”Because this is a miscommunication, I did entrust my two staff children and my security. I don’t accept anything. Because I feel sorry for my staff, the resident of Benda Baru, too, if private schools are expensive. He is not strong enough to pay, sorry,” Saidun said.

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