Kangen Family, Thai Fishermen Desperate to Swim from Malaysia

Unfortunately, his efforts stopped in the middle of the road.

Thursday, April 16, 2020 marks a three-week even lockdown in Malaysia. During the period of social restrictions, no one left the house, let alone to go abroad.However, a 45-year-old Thai fisherman dared to swim across the sea from Malaysia to return home. The reason, he missed his family.The fisherman was stranded on the border of Perlis Thailand-Malaysia for several days. He decided to swim back to his home country.

Reporting from World of Buzz , this fisherman was found exhausted by water police near Puyu Beach, Satun. This man is known to have come from Piman.”I really miss my family and I am not sure when the border will open. This is why I decided to swim back home,” the fisherman said.

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Kangen Family 2020
Kangen Family 2020 Thai Fishermen Desperate to Swim from Malaysia

Two Days Swimming

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Police Inspector Marin Satun Leftenan, Colonel Banjerd Manavej, said the fisherman had been swimming for two days until he arrived at a 100 meter wide canal and crossed it. However, strong currents swept the fishermen to the middle.Luckily there were other fishermen who found it. The fisherman from Thailand was found at 14.30 on Monday, April 13.Banjerd added that although the fisherman looked exhausted, he was very happy to see sea police rescue him.

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Stay Fines

Fisherman is currently in the hospital and is quarantined for 14 days. His “Michael Phelps” action is threatened with fines.The fisherman can be charged 800 baht, equivalent to Rp300 thousand. Because, he entered Thailand illegally.

Since March 23, 2020, the Government of Thailand has closed nine border areas for an undetermined time. Banjerd said Thai Polair had increased the security of international borders to bring about a similar incident.

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