Innalillahi, Jokowi’s mother passed away

President Joko Widodo last breathed this afternoon.

Good news comes from President Joko Widodo’s family. The mother, Sujiatmi Notomiharjo died on Wednesday afternoon (3/25/2020).Sujiatmi breathed his last in Solo, Central Java. The deceased died at the age of 77 years.Word spreads from chain messages in the chat application.”Eyang Notomiharjo, Mr. President’s mother died in Solo at 16.45 WIB earlier. Please pray for the late mayor husnul khotimah,” read the message, as reported .After that Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung confirmed the sad news through the telephone line received by

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Jokowi Agrees UN 2020 to be Abolished

Presidential spokesman, Fadjroel Rahman said that President Joko Widodo approved the abolition of the 2020 National Examination (UN).Fadjroel said the decision was a form of social distancing in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.“The elimination of the UN becomes the application of social distancing policy to cut the SARS corona 2 or Covid-19 virus distribution chain,” Fadjroel said, Tuesday, March 24, 2020. The decision was taken after a limited meeting related to the National Examination amid the Covid pandemic -19. The decision to cancel the National Examination applies at the level of senior high school, madrasah aliyah, junior high school or madrasah tsanawiyah level, and elementary school or madrasah ibtidaiyah level.

Jokowi's mother passed away 2020
Jokowi’s mother passed away 2020

The National Examination policy needs to be followed by active participation of citizens, in the application of social distancing behavior , namely work from home, learning from home and worship at home,” he said.Previously, the Chairperson of the National Education Standards Agency, Abdul Mu`ti issued a proposal numbered letterhead 003 / PR / BSNP / III / 2020 regarding the cancellation of the 2020 National Examination.”For the benefit of the nation, especially students, educators, and education personnel, BSNP as an independent body and an independent party authorized to hold the National Examination (PP No. 19/2005) proposes to the government that the 2019/2020 Academic Year National Examination be canceled, “said Mu’ti.


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Jokowi Reveals Reasons for Not Doing Lockdown to Prevent Corona

Jokowi explains the reasons for not applying lockdown or quarantine to prevent the spread of the new corona virus, Covid-19. He said each country has a different character and discipline.”I need to say that each country has different characters, different cultures, different disciplines. Therefore we do not choose the path ( lockdown ),” said Jokowi, Tuesday, March 24, 2020.The president whose full name is Joko Widodo claimed to have calculated and analyzed every country that adopted a lockdown policy . According to him, the application of a system of maintaining human distance is the most appropriate step that can be applied in Indonesia.

“So the most appropriate thing in our country is physical distancing , keeping a safe distance,” he said. He believes, by keeping a distance between humans, the distribution of Covid-19 can be avoided.Jokowi asked all parties to be truly disciplined about social distancing policies . The government has issued a policy of learning, working and worshiping from home to reduce the spread of corona.”I read a news, it has been isolated to help neighbors who want to celebrate, there are those who have been isolated still shopping in the market. Discipline to isolate the important,” said Jokowi.

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