Circulating Video Handling Corona Suspect Handling Correct Tears

Let’s watch the handling of corpse suspect covid-19 so that we are aware to take precautions before it’s too late

Recently a man shared a video through his Twitter account @ Utuhwibowo . Bowo uploaded video actually makes users of Twitter pages flood with tears.The reason, Bowo shared a video of the process of handling patients suspect Covid-19. Of course with a different handling than is usually done.

Even deaths from serious and contagious diseases such as HIV or tuberculosis are not the same.The following is a portrait of the video handling the corpse of suspect Covid-19. Hopefully all of us are always healthy. Amen Shroud preparation for wrapping corpse suspect covid-19

The shroud used 3 layers, then the body was wrapped again with linen and 2 layers of bodybags. Then the body was analyzed and bound together perfectly and strongly.

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Tayamum corpse process using dust if the body of a Muslim

The corpse suspect corona was put in a special chest and sprayed with disinfectant.The case is closed using silicon so that it is not easily opened
Then nail back the coffin again so that it gets stronger and won’t be opened. Then the coffin will be sprayed again with disinfectant.

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Correct Tears 2020
Circulating Video Handling Corona Suspect Handling Correct Tears 2020

corpses were prosecuted by officers

Ambulance crates and cars are sprayed with disinfectants.Before entering the vehicle, the burial officer was also sprayed with a disinfectant.Other officers mendecon the entire management of the body to be sterile again.

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The body was buried with the coffin

In addition, the process of lowering the body to the grave using a rope, officers did not come down.

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The last process, the corpses suspect covid-19 returned to the hospital for a thorough spraying process on the attributes used

By seeing this video, of course we would not want if we and family experienced something like that.At the last moment the patient suspected covid-19 virus, none of the accompanying family members were not even allowed to approach.Therefore, we protect ourselves and our families from co-19 transmission by taking precautions that have been advocated by the government and health workers. Hopefully the co-19 epidemic will end soon. Amen

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