Legitimate! This is the amount of the 2020 Hajj Costs per Embarkation

The next stage is the repayment of Bipih by prospective pilgrims entitled to paid off.

The stipulation is contained in Presidential Decree (Keppres)This Keppres regulates the Hajj Travel Costs (Bipih) for regular pilgrims and Regional Hajj Officers (PHD) and Guidance from the Hajj Guidance Group (KBIH). The issuance of this Presidential Decree is a follow-up after the Ministry of Religion and the Indonesian Parliament agreed on the amount of BPIH this year on 30 January 2020.The Director of Hajj Fund Management, Maman Saepulloh said that after the issuance of this Decree, the next stage was the payment of the pilgrims. The commencement of the repayment schedule is still awaiting the issuance of the Decree of the Minister of Religion.Repayment of Bipih is carried out in rupiah,” Maman said through a written statement, Friday, March 13, 2020.

Maman said the pilgrims would later deposit Bipih into an account in the name of the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) at the Bipih Deposit Recipient Bank (BPS). “Either in cash or non-tellers,” he said.For pilgrims entitled to repayment, the Directorate General of Hajj and Umrah Ministry of Religion has released the list. While for prospective pilgrims who died, portions could be delegated to his family according to the provisions.Furthermore, Maman said preparations for the implementation of the pilgrimage both at home and abroad continue to be carried out according to the schedule that has been prepared.

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Magnitude of Bipih This Year

1. Embarkation of Aceh Rp. 31,454,602;
2. Medan Embarkation Rp.32,172,602;
3. Batam Embarkation Rp.33,083,602;
4. Padang Embarkation Rp.33,172,602;
5. Palembang Embarkation Rp.33,073,602;

6. Jakarta Embarkation Rp34,772,602;
7. Embarkation of Kertajati Rp.36,113,002;
8. Solo Embarkation Rp35,972,602;
9. Embarkation of Surabaya Rp.37,577,602;
10. Banjarmasin Embarkation Rp36,927,602;

11. Embarkation of Balikpapan Rp.337.052.602;
12. Lombok Embarkation Rp.37,332,602; and
13. Makassar Embarkation Rp.38,352,602.

The following is the scale of Bipih 1441H / 2020M for Regional Hajj Officers and KBIH Supervisors per embarkation

1. Embarkation of Aceh Rp.65,393,168;
2. Medan Embarkation Rp.66,111,168;
3. Batam Embarkation Rp67,022,168;
4. Padang Embarkation Rp67,111,168;
5. Palembang Embarkation Rp67,012,168;

6. Jakarta Embarkation Rp. 68,711,168;
7. Embarkation of Kertajati Rp.70,051,568;
8. Solo Embarkation Rp69,911,168;
9. Surabaya Embarkation Rp71,516,168;
10. Banjarmasin Embarkation Rp70,866,168;

11. Balikpapan Embarkation Rp70,991,168;
12. Lombok Embarkation Rp71,271,168; and
13. Makassar Embarkation Rp72,291,168.

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2020 Hajj Costs per Embarkation
Legitimate! This is the amount of the 2020 Hajj Costs per Embarkation

Hajj Selection, Ministry of Religion Anticipates Covid-19

The Ministry of Religion will hold the Hajj Organizing Committee selection of 1441 H / 2020 M next week, March 18, 2020. A total of 400 participants will take part in the selection in the form of a computer-based written test (Computer Assisted Test / CAT) and interviews.Director of Bina Haji Director General of Hajj and Umrah Management of the Ministry of Religion, Khoirizi, said the participants underwent joint tests at Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory, East Jakarta.The participants consisted of elements from the Ministry of Religion and several related elements such as the TNI, Polri, and the Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

There are also participants from journalists who will join the Hajj Media Center team,” Khoirizi said, quoted by the Ministry of Religion .The implementation of PPIH selection this year runs amid the issue of the spread of the corona virus outbreak. Khoirizi said it had prepared a number of preventative measures.Some of these include carrying a health certificate, and participants who have the flu or cough are required to wear a mask.

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Anticipatory Step of Covid-19 Distribution

Some anticipatory steps prepared by the Ministry of Religion are:

1. Check the participant’s body temperature before entering the room.

2. All participants must show a health certificate from a doctor.

3. Prepare medical personnel from the Central Ministry of Religion clinic during the selection process.

4. Stop the test if an indication of exposure to the corona virus is found in the room and immediately returns the participant to the place of origin.

5. Ensure the location of the event has good air circulation and adequate facilities to wash hands.

6. Increase the frequency of cleaning of commonly used areas, such as bathrooms, registration and payment counters, and dining areas, especially during peak hours of activity.

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Hajj Preparation Continues, Minister of Religion Awaits Saudi Good News

The organizer of the Hajj 1441 H / 2020 M continues to carry out preparations even though Saudi Arabia is still imposing temporary closure of entry access.”The Hajj housing team is still in Saudi Arabia. Hopefully this (Covid-19) outbreak will soon be completed, and the pilgrimage can go well,” said Minister of Religion, Fachrul Razi, quoted from the Ministry of Religion .Fachrul said that he was currently waiting for good news from the Saudis. He hopes the Saudis can open access soon.

Furthermore, Fachrul said he was optimistic that conditions in Saudi Arabia would improve. Quoting the report from the Indonesian Consul General that he received, Fachrul stated that the Grand Mosque until now was relatively crowded.”From the report of the Indonesian Consul General in Saudi Arabia that we have received, the situation of the Grand Mosque is still relatively busy, hopefully it will continue to improve,” said Fachrul.

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Saudi Hajj Service Providers Asked To Anticipate Corona Outbreaks

Ministry of Religion asks all Haj service providers in Saudi Arabia to anticipate the Corona virus outbreak. So that the impact can be minimized when the pilgrimage this season.”Requesting accommodation service providers in Saudi Arabia to prevent the spread of the Corona virus by spraying disinfectants and providing hand sanitizers in all Indonesian pilgrims accommodation,” said the Director General of Hajj and Umrah Management of the Ministry of Religion, Nizar Ali, quoted from the Ministry of Religion , Monday 9 March 2020 .

This request was stated in a Circular addressed to the Provincial Office of the Ministry of Religion, Head of the Hajj Boarding Unit, and Hajj Technical Staff at the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah. The request was also conveyed to Saudi Hajj catering service providers.Do not miss the Hajj transportation service provider.”Requesting consumption and transportation service providers in Saudi Arabia to ensure that personnel who will be assigned to serve Indonesian pilgrims are not infected by the corona virus,” Nizar said.He also appealed to pilgrims who would join the Hajj rituals, both in the KUA of the sub-district and the regency / city of the Ministry of Religion, always maintaining health. If it hurts, you should not force yourself.

Manasik is also a means of conveying material about clean and healthy lifestyles, organizers to strive to involve health workers in the implementation of hajj rituals,” explained Nizar.Consul Haji Jeddah Indonesian Consulate, Endang Jumali, claimed to have received the circular. According to him, the contents of the circular were in line with the steps of the Saudi authorities in anticipating the spread of the Corona virus.”We are still studying because it is still in the negotiation stage. We will discuss this SE together during the discussion of the contract later,” explained Endang.

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