Gosh, a Lecturer in Gorontalo Forced Wives to Connect with Other Men

The actions of lecturers at renowned universities in Gorontalo are very depraved. The lecturer with the initial MK forced his wife, LH, to have sex with other men.Quoted from Liputan6.com, Sunday March 8, 2020, LH attorney, Novarolina Pulukadang, said victims were often forced by their husbands to have sexual relations in an unnatural way. His eyes are closed and the body is bound.With this condition, he was forced by her husband to have sex with another man.

After that, only with her husband, “Nova said.

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Not the First Time.

Ironically, the incident was felt repeatedly by the victim. Even the report has been posted twice. The first, conducted in Madiun and the second in Gorontalo.This deviant behavior is evidenced by the statement of the perpetrator who claimed that his wife had to deal with other people first, before they had intercourse.“Because according to the victim, her husband said that you had to be with someone else after finishing her husband’s entry. This client does not see because his eyes are closed, “he explained.

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Her husband was reported

At this time the victim who was accompanied by his attorney, had visited Gorontalo PPA Gorontalo Police, to report what he had experienced. Perpetrators reportedly violated Law 23 of 2004 concerning the elimination of domestic violence.“Article 23 of Law 23 of 2004 is clearly violated. Where sexual violence as referred to in article 5 letter c includes; a. Forced sexual intercourse carried out against people who reside within the scope of the household; b. the imposition of sexual relations against one person within the scope of his household with another person for commercial purposes and / or certain purposes, “Nova said.Gorontalo Regional Police Public Relations Head AKBP Wahyu Tri Cahyono when confirmed confirmed the report. According to him Gorontalo Police have received the report.”Yes, yesterday the report was received, and currently it is still under investigation by the Gorontalo PPA PPA unit,” Wahyu Tri said.

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Wives to Connect with Other Men 2020
Gosh, a Lecturer in Gorontalo Forced Wives to Connect with Other Men 2020

65-year-old grandfather a victim of widows ‘rape’

Dream – Cases of rape often occur in women. But that does not mean the act of forced rudak can not be experienced by men. Although in this case there were very few.This crime was experienced by a man with the initials AR. Surprisingly, the victim is an elderly man aged 65 years.AR became a rape victim by a widow named Ying Ying. Again, the perpetrators also have advanced age. 49 years old.Quoted from World of Buzz , AR met Ying Ying last May.

The two exchanged cellphone numbers and then formed a closenessOne day in September, Ying Ying invited AR to dinner at a restaurant. Ying Ying also picked up the old man at the train station.Their dinner ends at 9:00 p.m. The widow then invited AR to stay overnight, remembering that the night was getting late.The elderly man accepted the invitation because he was not worried about going home late at night. On that night, AR claimed nothing happened.The grandfather slept in Ying Ying’s room, but in a different position. The grandfather slept on the floor, while the woman slept on his bed.

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Why Can’t Fight?

The next day, the two of them went back to eat together and drink liquor. Both of them went to the supermarket to buy food, then returned to Ying Ying’s house.AR suddenly felt dizzy and his body sluggish. He then lay on the bed. At that time, he saw Ying Ying acting strange, screaming, and wanted to rape her.This man actually wanted to rebel when he saw the signs of his female friends. But he is helpless. His body was so weak.He thought Ying Ying had given him food mixed with something like Viagra.

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Sorry but

Efforts to escape again want to do AR. But again in vain. The woman’s room can only be opened using an access card. The depraved actions were again carried out by Yin Ying.There was no choice, AR returned to stay at Ying Ying’s home for one night. The next day, AR dared to ask why Ying Ying could rape her.Ying Ying claimed to regret his actions. But not because of his actions. The woman mocked the size of AR’s genitals.Finally, AR returned to his home. However, every time I remember that incident, AR increasingly angry. He never felt humiliation in his life.The grandfather then decided to report to the authorities. He also claimed to have suffered psychological trauma due to the incident and always had nightmares every night.

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