Falagas Team Ministry of Religion: Hilal 1 Ramadhan 1441H Seen in Indonesia

Ijtima happened this morning.

Falakiyah Team of the Ministry of Religion states that the hilal 1 Ramadhan 1441H is very potential to be seen in Indonesia. Basically, there have been a number of reports in the field stating the new moon has appeared.”There is a reference that the early hilal of Ramadan 1441 Hijri on Thursday, April 23, 2020 can be observed from Indonesian territory,” said a member of the Falakiyah Team of the Ministry of Religion, Cecep Nurmendaya in the Isbat Session at the Ministry of Religion Building.

According to him, ijtima happened on Thursday, April 23, 2020, around 09.26 WIB. He stated that the early hilal of Ramadan is quite old.”It’s more than eight hours old. In Indonesia, the new moon is in a significant position to be seen,” said Cecep. Cecep exemplifies the height of the new moon in several places. One of them is the result of monitoring in Pelabuhan Ratu, Serang, Banten.”For Pelabuhan Ratu, the position of the new moon at sunset is 3.72 degrees with a moon age of 8 hours 23 minutes, 5 seconds,” he said.

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Has Fulfilled the Criteria of the Ministry of Religion 4 Countries

Cecep also explained that the early hilal of Ramadan 1441H on Thursday (23/04) had fulfilled the visibility criteria set by MABIMS (Minister of Religion of Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore). Namely, the moon’s height is at least 2 degrees, the elongation of the moon to the Sun is at least 3 degrees or the age of the moon’s moon is at least 8 hours.As a reference jurisprudence, Cecep explained, hilal Syawwal 1404H with a height of 2 degrees and ijtima at 10.18 WIB on June 29, 1984 was also successfully seen by Muhammad Arief (33) Registrar of the Pare-Pare Religious Court and Muhadir (30) Treasurer of the Pare-Pare Court. In addition, Abdul Hamid (56) and Abdullah (61),

both religious teachers in Jakarta, can also see the new moon at the time.”Ma’mur Sukabumi Religious Teacher and Endang Efendi Sukabumi Religious Judge, also saw the moon at the time,” he said.”So there is a reference that the beginning of the new moon of Ramadan 1441H on Thursday, April 23, 2020 was observed from the Territory of Indonesia,” he said.Cecep added, reckoning is informative, while rukyat is confirmative. Stipulation is an amalgamation of the confirmation of the results of rukyat with information on the results of reckoning contained in the 2020 Indonesian Standard Taqwim.

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Isbat Session Held Teleconference and Live Streaming

Ministry of Religion will hold the Ramadan 1 Ramadan 1441H hearing on Thursday afternoon, April 23, 2020. However, the format of the trial this time was different from usual.The Director General of Islamic Community Guidance of the Ministry of Religion, Kamaruddin Amin, explained that the beginning of the fasting session this year is using a different scenario through the use of teleconferences. This is to prevent the spread of corona virus which causes Covid-19 disease.

As the physical distancing policy and according to health protocols, we avoid crowds. The ISBAT hearing will utilize teleconference technology so that participants and the media do not need to be present at the Ministry of Religion,” Kamaruddin said in a written statement.The public can watch the implementation of the ISBAT session via the live streaming facility available on the official website of the Ministry of Religion. It can also be through the ministry’s official social media account.

For the arrangement of the show, it is not much different from the isbat trial in normal conditions. The session will be divided into two sessions.The first session contained exposure to the beginning of the hilal position in Ramadan 1441H, a member of the Falakiyah Team of the Ministry of Religion, Cecep Nurwendaya via live streaming. Also opened a dialogue forum that can be followed by the public through an online room meeting.

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Falagas Team
Falagas Team Ministry of Religion: Hilal 1 Ramadhan 1441H Seen in Indonesia

Closed Hearing through Live Streaming

Second session was held after Maghrib with a closed session. This agenda was only attended physically by MUI representatives, the DPR, Minister of Religion Fachrul Razi, Deputy Minister of Defense Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi, and the Director General of Islamic Community Guidance.The trial began with the reading of a report by the Director of Islamic Affairs regarding the results of rukyatul hilal from all over Indonesia.

Invitees, including Islamic community leaders, can attend this closed session through an online room meeting via the link, ID and password to be shared.”After hearing reports and input from mass organizations, the Minister of Religion will establish the beginning of Ramadan 1441H,” Kamaruddin explained.The results of the ISBAT session will be announced publicly by the Minister of Religion through a press teleconference. “The public can follow him through live streaming web and social ministry of Ministry of Religion,” said Kamaruddin.

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Ministry of Religion Releases Guide for Ramadan, Iktikaf and Id Prayers Abolished

Ministry of Religion issues a circular related to the Guide to Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr 1 Shawwal 1441H amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This circular is intended for the Head of the Provincial Office of the Ministry of Religion, the Head of the Regency / City Ministry of Religion, and the Head of the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) throughout Indonesia.

This Circular is intended to provide guidelines for worship that is in line with Islamic Sharia while preventing, reducing the spread, and protecting Muslim employees and communities in Indonesia from the risk of Covid-19,” said Minister of Religion, Fachrul, Monday 6 April 2020.”Besides being related to the implementation of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, this circular also regulates guidelines for the collection and distribution of zakat,” he said.

One item of the appeal in the circular is a suggestion to Muslims not to carry out iktikaf in the mosque during the last 10 days of Ramadan. Fachrul also consulted with the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) regarding the elimination of Id prayers.”The Eid Al-Fitr Prayer which is usually held in congregation, both in the mosque or in the field is canceled, for this it is expected that the issuance of the MUI Fatwa ahead of time,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Muslims are also advised not to do the tarawih around and pray around the surroundings.

Takbiran activities are sufficiently carried out in the mosque / musala by using loudspeakers,” he said.Another interesting suggestion is the suggestion to reduce the activity of halal bihalal.”Hospitality or halal bihalal, which is commonly carried out during Eid al-Fitr, can be done through social media and video calls / conferences,” he said.

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