Entertaining Corona Patients, Indian Jogging Songs Karaoke Medical Officers

Upload was viral on social media.

Undergoing a period of isolation as a Covid-19 patient certainly makes me bored. Especially if in the hospital, it feels like to go home.Realizing this situation, the medical team will do many ways to entertain patients. This is so the patient feels at home until the isolation period is over.As performed by the medical team at Blambangan Hospital, Banyuwangi, East Java. They took the initiative to entertain patients in the isolation room with various activities.

One of the activities chosen was karaoke. Hilariously, the medical team chose an Indian song to keep the patient entertained.The action was captured on camera and viral on social media. Especially after re-uploading the @lambe_turah gossip account .

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Here, diye gudniyus bebs. Who said, in the isolation room you will be bored ?? Eits calm ya, in your isolation room besides being able to watch tv, communication with family by telephone, nurses and patients can also karokean together and a bit of dancing as well as sports with the medical team.This is all done to increase the morale of both nurses and patients in the co-19 isolation room at @rsudblambangan Banyuwangi Regency so that everyone’s immunity is also improved … Good job is yes, ” writes the account.

In the video, officers appear to use complete PPE to invite patients in the isolation room to sing. Also swaying to the rhythm of Indian songs being played.Although initially shy, the patient also seemed happy by participating in slow swaying to the rhythm of the patient. The patients still sat on their respective beds while the officers approached one by one bed while inviting singing like a musician who was holding a concert.

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Banish Boredom

This was done because a number of Covid-19 patients who were in the isolation room at the Blambangan Hospital were experiencing burnout. Clinically, they are healthy and stay in isolation for a week.This video is increasingly talked about by citizens and gets positive comments.”This makes their minds happy so calm so they recover quickly. Amen,” wrote the account @ sskaw27;

Entertaining Corona 2020
Entertaining Corona 2020 Patients, Indian Jogging Songs Karaoke Medical Officers

Yaps, nurses also learn communication to patients and how patient patients are. Nurses can also be a support system for patients to speed up patient recovery. The spirit of the medical team. Hopefully we medical students can replace your role well,” said the account @ uni.suci

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Give Excitement to the Medical Team, Dutch Residents Cite Surah Al-Maidah

Medical team is now the party who sacrificed the most to alleviate the Covid-19 pandemic in various countries. They come face to face with Covid-19 patients every day, and their lives could be threatened.

An appreciation and positive energy, given from the Dutch Muslim community for medical workers. In the form of a poster that is uplifting.Interestingly, the poster contained quotations from Surah Al-Maidah verse 32. Residents carried out campaigns of ‘Verhoeven Character’ and ‘Nobel character‘.

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The poster was installed at a bus stop in front of a hospital in Amersfoort, Utrecht, the Netherlands. The Surah Al Maidah verse 32 quote is written in two languages, Dutch and English.”Als iemand een leven redt, is het alsof diegene de gehele mensheid heeft gered (Newspaper 5:32),” the poster said.

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Azan is firmer

There is also a digital billboard with the writing in English, “Whoever saves a life, it is as if he had saved mankind entirely (Quran 5:32)“. It means, ‘Whoever takes care of the life of a human being, it is as if he has preserved the life of all human beings‘.In addition to the installation of a digital billboard, the Twitter account @rihandaulah also explained a number of unique phenomena that occurred in the Netherlands during the corona pandemic.

Azan can be curbed, the bus stop is filled with posters of the translation of the Quran, Surat Ar Rahman and Al Fatihah in NPO (TVRI) of the Netherlands,” he explained.The news received a positive response from citizens. The tweet was retweeted by more than 1.2k and got 2.2k likes.In addition, he also distributed screenshots of recitation with the cleric and cleric on the NPO television channel. In addition, during the pandemic NPO television channels also provided recitations.

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