Editor of Metro TV Consumption of Drugs Before Suicide? This is the Police Explanation

This was proven by this result.

Police conclude Metro TV Editor Yodi Prabowo committed suicide. From the forensic results, Yogi Prabowo has also been consuming amphetamine for a long time. This was evidenced by the results of Yogi’s hair and blood tests. “From the results of examining the hair and blood of the deceased for a long time (using drugs),” said the Forensic Specialist at the Installation of Bhayangkara Kramat Jati Hospital, Arif Wahyono at the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, quoted from Pojoksatu.id, Saturday, July 25, 2020.

Arif said, before the victim ended his life by committing suicide concerned the consumption of these illicit goods. “Three days before he died, he (Yodi) used it first,” Arif said. Metro Jaya Police General Criminal Investigation Director, Chief Commissioner Tubagus Ade Hidayat added, taking the drug is suspected to be a trigger for Yodi to commit suicide. “Consuming amphetamines makes extraordinary courage increase, never compare the thoughts of normal people with abnormal people (after consuming drugs),” Tubagus said.

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Revealed! Mystery of the Knife at the Location of the Death of Metro TV Editor Yodi Prabowo

The result of police investigation and investigation, Metro TV editor Yodi Prabowo, apparently bought a knife at Ace Hardware, not far from the location of the discovery of the body. The knife was found at the scene where Yodi’s body was found. From the knife there were only traces of Yodi’s blood and fingerprints. “So the knife has a distinctive brand that is only sold at Ace Hardware. We will check there,” said Director of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Chief Commissioner Tubagus Ade Hidayat, quoted from Merdeka.com, Saturday, July 25, 2020. Based on the investigation, the brand knife only sold one piece. Apparently, from CCTV, only the victim himself bought.

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Eight minutes

“When buying the person caught on CCTV, the knife was purchased by himself. From the clothes worn the same worn by the victim found at the discovery site, receipts, receipts to the parking lot how he came out,” he said. Yodi is only eight minutes at Ace Hardware. Eight minutes, start to enter then take the knife, buy to pay to the cashier and outside. “It means weve been looking for a knife,” he stated.

Editor of Metro TV Consumption
Editor of Metro TV Consumption of Drugs Before Suicide? This is the Police Explanation

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Metro TV Editor Allegedly Suicidal, But …

After conducting a series of investigations and investigations for two weeks, the police concluded that Metro TV Editor Yodi Prabowo committed suicide. “Conclusions from several factors and explanations, if the crime scene, witnesses and others, investigators conclude strongly suspected suicide,” said Director of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Chief Commissioner Tubagus Ade Hidayat quoted from Merdeka.com, Saturday, July 25, 2020. However, the police still open themselves if there is indeed information and so on.

“We remain open, the facts we gathered from the crime scene from expert statements, we conclude it is strongly suspected of suicide,” he added. Based on the autopsy results, the victim was positive for amphetamine. Allegedly strong, amphetamines to cause courage in carrying out the action. “It could be that the victim does not want to be suspected of suicide,” he said.

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Metro TV Boss Reveals Original Character of Yodi Prabowo

Yodi Prabowo is known as a good figure in Metro TV’s work environment. The young man who works as an editor never gets into trouble. “I have never heard of (Yodi) ever having a problem at all. Because Yodi is not a problematic (problematic) type of employees,” Metro TV Chairman Arief Suditomo was quoted as saying on , Saturday, July 25, 2020. Arief claimed not to know Yodi Prabowo directly. But, as a superior, he once asked friends close to Yodi Prabowo. “I am not a party that can talk directly about his character because I am new. Secondly, he is far below me so that what I know are people who get reports from him,” he said.

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Not disclose the contents of the conversation

Arief Suditomo came to Metro Jaya Police Headquarters on Friday, July 24, 2020. Arief admitted that this was the first time he had come to the Jakarta Metropolitan Police since the death of Yodi Prabowo was handled by the police. Arief explained, his arrival was called by investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police. He mentioned, his meeting was to discuss the development of the case of Yodi Prabowo’s death.Editor of Metro

“We provide support to the Metro Jaya Regional Police. Earlier they said there was progress,” he said. However, Arief did not reveal the contents of the conversation in full. He argued that he did not want to overtake the police to deliver the results of the investigation into the Yodi Prabowo case.

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Very bright

According to him, the one authorized to convey the results of the investigation was the investigator of the Jakarta Police. “I have not been able to release anything. We will hand it all over to the Jakarta Police,” he said. Arief hopes that the Jakarta Metropolitan Police will soon complete its investigation. He said the results of the investigation into the case of death Yodi Prabowo is very much awaited by the community, including employees at Metro TV. “Until now there has been no conclusion that they gave us. Maybe in the near future they will be released, but in this case our position is the same, that we want the Metro Jaya Regional Police to immediately resolve the case,” he said

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Police Reveal Puzzle 2 Mysterious Men at the Discovery Site Yodi Prabowo’s Body

The police confirmed that there were no two suspicious movements at the location of the discovery of the body of Metro TV editor, Yodi Prabowo, as revealed by witnesses in the case of the crime scene at the edge of the JORR Ulujami Toll Road, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta, last Monday. “There is no such thing (suspicious person). Don’t assume, investigators know better. Passers are sure everyone is suspected, people can pass,” said Head of Metro Jaya Police Public Relations Commissioner Yusri Yunus, quoted from Merdeka.com, Saturday 24 July 2020.

Yusri hopes that the community will fully submit the case of Yodi Prabowo’s death to the police. He hoped that the people would not supposing. “The main investigator already knows everything is the point, yesterday it was already examined. Do not be wary and be escorted there, later if anyone wants to come out want to urinate also suspected,” he said.

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