Don’t Just Listen, These 3 False Advice on Prevention of Corona Viral Viruses

Even though the information has been widely circulated in the community, it is better not to swallow the raw advice delivered on social media

Since the Corona Covid-19 virus has spread worldwide, including Indonesia, social media platforms have been flooded with information about the virus that first appeared in China. Unfortunately, many smartphone owners immediately spread the information they get without checking it first. Since Covid-19 was discovered in Indonesia in March 2020, there have been many hoax information related to suggestions for preventing the spread of this virus.

Those who do not double check the information received will immediately apply the false advice after getting information from various social media, such as Facebook, to Whatsapp. In order to make Friends more careful, here are 3 false suggestions related to Corona Covid-19 prevention.

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Launching from the BBC, here are 3 false suggestions that should be avoided:

1. Eating Garlic

Various uploads on social media, a lot of information that says that eating garlic can prevent yourself from contracting the corona covid-19 virus. Although previously there were suggestions for maintaining health by eating healthy foods, WHO said there was no research evidence to confirm the news. In a story published in The South China Morning Post, a woman reportedly had to be hospitalized for consuming 1.5 kg of raw garlic to prevent corona.

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Don't Just Listen,
Don’t Just Listen, These 3 False Advice on Prevention of Corona Viral Viruses

2. Drinking water every 15 minutes

The next false suggestion is to drink water every 15 minutes. This information was viral on Facebook after ‘a doctor from Japan’ recommends drinking water every 15 minutes to fight the virus in the mouth. So viral, the news has been shared up to 250 thousand times. Although drinking lots of water is good for health. according to Professor Trudie Lang of Oxford University, there is no biological mechanism that explains the death of the virus after drinking water every 15 minutes. According to him, these suggestions could not help kill the virus because corona covid-19 entered through the respiratory tract.

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3. Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Since the scarcity of hand sanitizers has occurred , many uploads on social media suggest making it at home. Many people end up chasing alcohol and some other ingredients so that there is a scarcity of alcohol in some shops. Even so, it turns out the material used is not able to prevent transmission like hand sanitizers that are sold on the market. Even some of them are more suitable for the surface of goods because of the disinfectant content.

According to Professor Sally Bloomfield of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, she could not be sure that making hand sanitizers themselves could be effective and safe despite using more than 40 percent alcohol. While hand sanitizers commonly circulating on the market contain emollients so they are safe for the skin.

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